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Superman to appear in TV’s Supergirl…in a way

CBS isn’t casting Superman…exactly…but he’s going to appear in a way. As confirmed by Geoff Johns, Superman and Batman will not be appearing in any Warner Bros. TV series as the TV and film...

Supergirl Cast Complete with Jeremy Jordan as Wynn Schott

  TV Line and The Wrap have announced the casting of Jeremy Jordan in the role of Winslow “Wynn” Schott (aka Toyman), just in time for filming the pilot which is expected to start March...

Laura Benanti to play Alura on Supergirl

I am so excited by the news that Kara’s mother Alura will be appearing in a recurring role on SUPERGIRL. Alura wasn’t even on the radar as a character, so it came as a complete surprise last week when Deadline revealed that Laura Bernanti had been cast in the role.

Alexandra “Alex” Danvers and Hank Henshaw Cast for Supergirl

One of the most intriguing characters of the new series, Kara’s foster sister Alexandra Danvers, has finally been cast. Deadline announced that Chyler Leigh of Grey’s Anatomy has been cast as Alex and David Harewood of Homeland has been cast as her boss Hank Henshaw.

Helen Slater to appear in Supergirl pilot in mystery role

The fan-pleasing announcement that Helen Slater will guest star in the pilot in what was described to Deadline as a ‘mystery role’ is teasingly short on details, but I’m sure that’s the point! This is the kind of news that gets fans excited and eager to tune in. Now…who could she play?