Songs from the Supergirl First Look

“Fight Song” is a new song by Rachel Platten which made its debut in the Supergirl  First Look. The song is available for purchase off the artist’s newly released EP on iTunes.

Updated Oct 6, 2015: CBS and Rachel Platten have released a Supergirl music video with the full version of Fight Song. Clips from the official Rachel Platten music video (below) are interspersed along with short clips from the Supergirl Super Screening event.


What about the song that plays during Kara’s first public appearances in costume?

“Wham Bam!” is licensed production music by Clooney and has appeared in numerous promotions. Clooney’s work is created specifically for use in licensing so there is no official music video for this song. Their music is produced by Wizardz of Oz and licensed through the company Superpop.Co. I think this song fits the mood perfectly for when Kara is punching the bad guys and staring down in amazement – and delight – as bullets bounce off her.

“Wham Bam!” is available for purchase off the Girlfriend Pop 2 album on iTunes.


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