CBS Releases Supergirl First Look Trailer!

Updated June 6, 2015: CBS has pulled “Fight Song” from the Supergirl First Look and replaced it with a generic backing track. This could be due to the video going viral and driving up the cost of licensing the original track. The video embedded below is the trailer as it originally appeared on CBS’ YouTube channel with the music intact.

This video was released on CBS’s online channels following the marketing presentation to advertisers and will not appear on television. This is a “first look” and not a trailer for general audiences. An upfront is a summary of the pilot created to sell the show to network executives and advertisers. As such this video reveals the ENTIRE PLOT of the first episode.

This is the original video with the “Fight Song” backing track.

A shorter TV spot also appeared on television the same day which features some key pieces of footage not seen in the First Look that help to further flesh out the story. This video was quickly pulled from YouTube by Warner Bros., but you can view it here. This TV spot is intended for a general TV viewing audience and is much less spoilery than the First Look.

I loved this so much. Kara’s intially goofy, “snort gosh” personality is pretty funny in that Christopher Reeve way (expect her to grow much more confident as the show progresses). Her relationship with her sister looks wonderful, and I’m so happy that she’s the reason Kara breaks out into public heroics. It’s exactly what Alex didn’t want her to do, but as she looks out the window at Kara, the expression on her face suggests that she knew this day was coming.

I thought I’d hate Cat Grant, but Calista Flockhart is hilarious!

I love the setup and how much they emphasize that you’ve heard Superman’s story, but you haven’t heard Supergirl’s. The special effects and cinematography are really impressive for a TV series (that backflip!). Seeing Supergirl use her superpowers made me happier than I could have imagined.

It gets pretty weird when you see that literally everybody (but Cat) knows her secret identity like that’s no big deal, but it’s a nice evolution from the traditional way that superhero stories have treated secret identities as this ridiculous barrier to having relationships with anyone.

And that ending with Jimmy. Oh James. Such a wonderful connection with Superman. Oh my god. I’m so happy.

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