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Women make up 23% in DC’s online readership survey — DC thinks it’s 7%

DC is having a “you can’t handle the truth!” moment. In the face of conflicting survey results, they dismissed their online survey because it revealed a much larger percentage of female readers than the in-store and digital samplings. Why does DC think 93% male / 7% female is a more accurate picture than 77% male / 23% female?

The Mary Sue on DC’s Nielsen Survey Results

Geek culture website The Mary Sue has a post on the results of the New 52 survey that’s well worth reading:

DC weren’t shy about telling the world they were targeting males 18-34 with the relaunch. Odd, since that was a demographic they already held. Now they’ve proved they still have them.

From the outside, it looked like business as usual and it turns out, that’s exactly what it was. So yes, sales are up for now but only because you “galvanized the traditional fanbase” and brought back a few lapsed readers.

It comes down to this, DC is working against decades of the notion that men and children are the only ones who read comics. [...] The survey proved that children aren’t even reading your comics. The relaunch was to revitalize your sales; you don’t do that by appealing to the audience you already have. You do that by extending your audience. [...] You need children and you need women if your business is to continue and thrive. End of story.

Read the full article here: DC Comics Nielsen Survey Results Are In, They Are Interesting.

Superhero Movies

I have zero desire to see the reboot Spider-Man or Superman at the moment because of reboot burn-out. More stories set in the Spider-Man continuity (even if they have to recast actors), yes please. Telling the same damn origin story over and over again – no thanks. And while I really would like to see […]

Interview with the Batgirl of the SDCC “DC New 52″ panels

DC fans asked the DC brass some tough questions at this year’s SDCC regarding their failure at diversity, and Dan Didio responded with his trademark belligerence, while certain panelists reacted with ignorance and appalling comments (like Matt Idelson, Superman editor, letting slip that he thinks Lois Lane is Superman’s “trophy wife”).

One woman in particular became famous for asking Dan Didio the questions we’ve been discussing for weeks now, questions the all-male panels and largely male audiences didn’t want her to ask – to the point of screaming at her to “sit down!” Read Sue of DCWKA’s Interview with the Batgirl of the SDCC “DC New 52″ panels. It’s marvelous.