Laura Vandervoort makes her final appearance on Smallville

TV Line announced on January 30, 2011 that Laura Vandervoort will return as Kara for one last time in one of the show’s final five episodes: Smallville Scoop: Supergirl Returns.

These are the air dates and episode titles of the final 5 episodes according to IMDB:

Season 10, Episode 17: Kent
Original Air Date—15 April 2011

Season 10, Episode 18: Booster
Original Air Date—22 April 2011

Season 10, Episode 19: Episode #10.19
Original Air Date—29 April 2011

Season 10, Episode 20: Prophecy
Original Air Date—6 May 2011

Season 10, Episode 21: Finale
Original Air Date—13 May 2011

I’m going to guess it’s the untitled episode, but it could any besides the Booster Gold episode.

Update: IMDB lists Prophecy as the second and final Season 10 episode for Laura.

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