Review: Supergirl #10

What did you think?

There are a couple comments on the previous post about the issue, but I figured I should start dedicating posts to the discussion of each month’s issue – now that they’ve stopped being so bad I wasn’t buying them ;-)

Here’s what I posted to the Girl Wonder thread for #10:

“Re: Kara’s just up and leaving at the end. Yes, it’s the easy way out, but it’s also what we’d all want to do in that situation, and it’s far more believable than Kara wasting her time there pretending to be an average jane (although I was really expecting the story to last at least 2 issues. The ending came out of nowhere, and Kara’s Inspirational Speech felt flat – just who did she think wasn’t “acting like themselves”?). The “alien teenager who goes to high school to get assimilated” is a cliche that annoys me a great deal (it pops up a lot in anime).

The “all teenage girls are skinny, white and generally blond, except for the obligatory ostracized fat girl” bugged me a lot.

All in all, it could have been much better given a lot more time. I quite enjoyed seeing Kara in high school – it’s the first time we’ve gotten to see a decent number of female characters in an issue – and I have zero interest in the Outsiders. I would have also really enjoyed watching Kara learn just how frikkin’ sexist this world is, and being pissed off at that. She’s very sheltered from the real world by the superheroes she spends all her time with, so she’s out of touch with real life as women live it.”

Overall I did enjoy the issue (as I stated in my previous comment) but that doesn’t mean there weren’t lots of issues I had with it.

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