Power Girl’s Promotion to JSA Chair

All Star Comics #63

I’ve been asked what my thoughts are on Power Girl’s promotion to leader of the JSA. I only got into Power Girl and the JSA last summer with the release of the Power Girl trade paperback that was published to bring people like me up to speed on what’s happened with Power Girl’s origin changes over the past, oh, twenty years =) This book is a really great idea; DC should do this with more characters. I couldn’t get a good handle on her story until I’d read these stories and Power Girl’s introduction in the JSA All-Stars.

Power Girl’s promotion to leader really works for me. I feel like I just met her and I seeing her go from unseasoned “new kid” to capable, confident, respected leader in a short period of time. It makes for really enjoyable reading of those old stories, knowing how things will work out and how far she’ll come.

From what I can tell from JSA fans whose opinion I respect, this promotion is a very logical, organic one that makes sense for the character and the team. So that’s good. I like what it says about the JSA, that a member can actually evolve over time, grow and mature and earn their way to a leadership position. That progression of time and legacy system is very cool. It’s nice to know that just because you started out as a junior hero doesn’t mean you’re fixed there forever. This is especially satisfying for a character who’s been disinherited, depowered, and messed about with as badly as PG!. Power Girl seemed like a minor character who didn’t fit into the Super mythos before; I’m glad to see that she’s finally come into her own.

I’m in favour of my favourite¬†Kryptonians being¬†in charge anyway :)

EDIT: Upon re-reading this I realize that it sounds like I knew nothing about Power Girl before reading her TPB. Actually I first met her in SUPERGIRL #15. I was quite aware of who she was and of her convoluted background; I just hadn’t read any actual issues for myself until those trades came out. Trades are Good!


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