Helen Slater to appear in Supergirl pilot in mystery role


The fan-pleasing announcement that Helen Slater will guest star in the pilot in what was described to Deadline as a ‘mystery role’ is teasingly short on details, but I’m sure that’s the point! This is the kind of news that gets fans excited and eager to tune in. Now…who could she play?

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Calista Flockhart Cast as Cat Grant

Cat Grant New 52

Calista Flockhart has been cast as Kara’s boss, Cat Grant, in this fall’s Supergirl TV series. Eek. I hated Ally McBeal the show and the character. If Flockhart is supposed to be playing someone we hate, perfect casting! The casting press release describes Cat as a self-made media magnate who started her career as a […]

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Preview SUPERGIRL #39


DC Comics has a preview up of the first 4 pages of Supergirl #39, and damn if Kon and Kara’s touching moment doesn’t make me tear up. Super spoilery preview pages after the cut.

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