Newsarama live-blogs Geoff Johns, Jim Lee interview

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will be interviewed this evening at a panel at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles. Newsarama will be there live and will post “news as it happens” (live blogging). The panel is scheduled for 7:40pm to 8:30pm local time (GMT-08:00). Page: LIVE! Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Talk DCnU, Reveal New Details.

Newsarama will be on hand LIVE! from Saturday evening’s Hero Complex Film Festival from L.A., where Geoff Johns & Jim Lee are expected to talk about the DCU revamp and make “bombshell announcements about the future of Superman and the entire DC Universe.” Check back with us Saturday evening for the news as it happens.

UPDATED, 10:45pm CST
Well that was big load of nothing! It only lasted 20 minutes, they took NO questions, and the “big surprise” that Geoff Johns promised at the start never materialized! They said nothing we hadn’t already heard.

I don’t think they *have* the PR staff to deal with the press properly, so they’re just…not. The crazy-making news trickle they’re doing is a PR disaster, but they’re too busy trying to pull off way too much in far too little time to notice things have gone to hell out here. If they can’t orchestrate the announcements properly, why should we have faith they can pull off the biggest event in their history better than the last umpteen times?


  1. Chris says

    So do we know yet if this is a Flashpoint driven crisis style reboot (which I would like) OR an ignore whatever continuity they want to concept with no explanation OR if DC is just jumping continuity tracks to focus on one of the other 52 earths?

    Guess they could have some other way of tweaking back histories, potentially erasing some characters and merging a nominal Wildstorm and elements of Vertigo into the DCnU… Even though I can’t think of any I am really keen to know what they are planning.

  2. says

    Don’t know yet. You can replay the panel by going to the Newsarama page. You’ll see they revealed no deals. It was all, as someone on the Newsarama Facebook page said, nothing but a big circle jerk (i.e. three creators patting each other on the backs for how awesome they are).

    My guess is the same as it’s always been: the end of Flashpoint* will alter the timeline somehow and the result will be the DCnU. Reading all the conflicting creator interviews, it seems that some titles will be barely affected while others will be radically affected. Justice League’s first arc will be the “new” origin of the JLA, and then they’ll jump to the present for the next arc. Action Comics seems to be doing the same thing for Superman. It’ll vary by book which ones get a flashback to the characters’ origin stories (changed or unchanged), but probably most will take care of that within the first issue and then jump right into the story.

    I expect mass confusion as we all struggle to figure out what the new status quo is. In other words: just like every previous timeline shift, but on a grander scale.

    *ETA: I am not reading Flashpoint, will not read Flashpoint later, nor will I skim the plot on Wikipedia. I already know more about Flashpoint than I wish to. I refuse to acknowledge its existence in the DCU.

  3. Gene says

    No questions huh? That tells me everything I need to know.
    The post-Flashpoint DCnU is going to be a disaster.
    The DC Nation panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con will be providing plenty of drama for sure…

  4. Aaron says

    This isn’t aimed at anyone here, but for years I’ve been reading people’s comments that “nothing ever changes,” or “everything is always the same,” or “it’s the same story over and over,” etc.

    Now, I see a lot of those same people angry that they are changing everything, starting from a totally fresh point, and essentially re-creating the DCU.

    I think it’s sort of funny.