• – the largest selection of Supergirl-themed apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, pajamas, socks and undies, costume boots, swimsuits and related merchandise
  • PopFunk – Supergirl and many other female character t-shirts from DC Originals and other official DC licensees (ships to USA only)
  • AllPosters – a smaller selection of the Supergirl t-shirts available from SuperHeroStuff and PopFunk, but with international storefronts that ship to just about any location
  • BigBadToyStore – for all your action figure, statues, busts and collectibles needs
  • Mego Museum: Supergirl Mego Dolls – a gallery of the Mego soft dolls released during the 1970s, which included many female superheroes including Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Catwoman


Fangirl Fandom

Creator Interviews


  • Timeline of First and Final Appearances of Every Supergirl, Superwoman, Etc. – exhaustive timeline of first and final appearances of every DC character ever named Supergirl, Superwoman, Power Girl, or Kara. The fifth draft updates the list with DC’s introduction of the New Multiverse and the subsequent reinstatement of many older stories back into continuity.
  • The Comic Book Database and The Grand Comic Book Database are excellent sources for detailed issue information and covers for all sorts of comics (superhero, indie, manga). You can use the Comic Book Database to keep track of all the comics you personally own, your pull list, and your comics wish list.
  • The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe – an encyclopedia of the DC Universe, past, present and future. Includes profiles on characters, places, organizations, and events in the DC Universe; issue-by-issue indexes and character chronologies; and a detailed history of the Universe itself.

Superhero Comics Related

  • Ami Angelwings’ Heavenly Comic Reviews
  • Canary NoirBirds of Prey
  • Friends of Lulu – an American nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry. Of especial interest to creators and prospective creators.
  • – a collective of forums, blogs, and articles examining the state of female superheroes in DC and Marvel. Not for fanboys in need of Feminism 101, this stuff dives deep into the pervasive misogyny in comics, while celebrating the good stuff. Lots of awesome writing. (Most blogs have concluded and are in archive status.)
  • Girls Read Comics
  • Sequential Tart – “a web zine dedicated to providing exclusive interviews, in-depth articles and news, while working towards raising awareness of women’s influence in the comics industry and other realms”
  • Shelly’s Comic Book Shelf
  • Super Future Friends – podcast summaries of the Legion of Super-Heroes
  • When Fangirls Attack – a daily compilation of blog posts on women in comics (including the occasional ones by misogynist trolls).
  • Women in Refrigerators – “Dedicated to the women with capes who died for comics”. Created by Gail Simone (writer of Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman).