Toronto Star Supergirl Story

Here is the Toronto Star article about Supergirl for which I was interviewed last week. I only got a couple quotes, and the first is an offhand comment I made that totally fails the weasel word test (“People say”) *grin*

But! Jessica of Super.Girl. made a terrific showing which is very, very cool and totally makes up for it. Of all the articles floating around about this subject (yes, it’s about the shorts), this must be the first to actually get the opinions of *female Supergirl fans* with a web presence. And Jessica isn’t just any fangirl – she wrote her senior thesis on Supergirl. Who better to ask? ^_^


Michelle loves comics and code. A lifelong Superfamily fan, she’s been collecting comics for 20 years, and running Supergirl: Maid of Might since 2000.

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