Mini Supergirl vs. Stormtrooper

Supergirl vs Stormtrooper

I’d love to know how this came about :) Adorable!

A little girl dressed as Supergirl is looking up at a Stormtrooper cosplayer pretending to hide behind a wall

Girl: “Hee, I see you!” Stormtrooper: “Shoot, X-ray vision!”

via imgur

Michelle Bacon

Michelle loves comics and code. A lifelong Superman & Supergirl fan, she began reading comics regularly in 1996 with Supergirl and Sailor Moon. Her home has since been taken over by comics and manga, art and statues.

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1 Response

  1. mhr_kara says:

    that is the cutest Supergirl cosplay i’ve ever seen! i love her expression. :D