Helen Slater at Manitoba Comic-Con

I just got back from the first day of 2008 Manitoba Comic-Con where Helen Slater is a guest. It was so cool to meet her! I didn’t have a camera with me, which was a shame, but I had a great time meeting her and hearing her speak at the panel. She’s so friendly and sweet (she said she loved my hair ;-) She was a really interesting panel speaker. Big reader =) I asked her about her music, and she said she’s hoping to put out a third CD. Cool.

I’m so happy I got to see her and meet her because, wow, I never imagined that would happen =)

Other stuff from the panel:
– Slater and Jake Black submitted a pitch for the Supergirl comics to DC in 2007 that didn’t get picked.
– She expressed interest in what happened to Kara at the end of last season on Smallville – wondered why they left her in the Phantom Zone.

In addition to the three autographed photos I got, I asked her to autograph the Supergirl action figure I bought at the con. It’s not the greatest representation of Supergirl, but it’s the only Supergirl figure I have! Now I can’t take it out of the box ;-) I was planning to ask her to autograph the Justice Supergirl instead, which I’d seen earlier together with the Justice Batgirl. But I didn’t buy them when I first saw them and both figures were gone when I went back a couple hours later =( The Batgirl is gorgeous and I will definitely order them both online now. I also picked up the matching Power Girl figure and the Batwoman/The Question (Montoya) Minimates *grin*

I was on such a high after the autograph session and panel, but what really put the day over the top for me was the artwork I picked up. I had a great time scouring Artists’ Alley for something nice, and I considered a few things (including an amazing Saturn Girl I wanted to get, but unfortunately the artist couldn’t sell prints of at this time since he’s setting up a store with DC). Finally I settled on some Supergirl and Wonder Woman prints that caught my eye, from an awesome artist named Laurie B. And I didn’t think I’d have the nerve to ask someone to do a commission for me, but I got a really sweet Supergirl commission from a wonderful artist named Lisa Redfern. I’ll scan those in later. Now I want to go back tomorrow and get tons more art! ^_^ It’s just all so amazing.

Of course I bought comics: I scored a ton of old Supergirl comics from Daring Adventures of Supergirl and Superman Family, which I am totally lacking in. Yay! There were some Batman Family books there which I may look at tomorrow. I didn’t get any Batgirl stuff and I REALLY wanted to get at least one figure, so I gotta get something!

Tomorrow Levar Burton (!!) will be there for signing, and Erica Durance and Justin Hartley have a panel. Guess my boyfriend will get dragged around the exhibitors and artists a bit more ;-) Hopefully there’s something else that I missed today. A lot of the figures I could buy online, but it’s just more fun buying it in that atmosphere. My boyfriend was such a good sport following me around to everything: he was asking the exhibitors about Supergirl and Batgirl figures and pointing out stuff I might like. Like the Smallville Magazine issue with Laura Vandervoort on the cover ^_^ He knows that I’m not very good at being outgoing and assertive about stuff I want, and he’s always encouraging of my hobbies which is so sweet :-) We went to the panel with John De Lancie (Q!) which we were both really excited about, and that was a ton of fun.

It was so overwhelming. I was really hoping to find some of the Barbie Collector Batgirl, Supergirl, Black Canary, or Wonder Woman dolls but no one seemed to have them yet. Lot of the Women of DC busts, some of which I might have sprung for if they weren’t $60 or $70 dollars ;-) Speaking of which…gotta get more cash from the debit machine tomorrow ^_-

I am bushed!


Michelle loves comics and code. A lifelong Superfamily fan, she’s been collecting comics for 20 years, and running Supergirl: Maid of Might since 2000.

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