‘Maid of Might’ Recommended On ‘A Rainy Monday’

This site has been recommended at Rainy Monday, a LJ comm which highlights anime, manga, and video game character shrines of worth. The animanga fan community is full of amazingly talented web designers who are incredibly encouraging and generous in sharing their skills, and I’m terrifically flattered to be their first pick for an American superhero shrine.

There aren’t many shrines to comic book identities that come close to the brilliant “Maid of Might”. Originally designed to focus on a single incarnation of the Supergirl character, (Linda Danvers from the 90’s Supergirl series) it has since grown to encompass every imaginable facet of the iconic DC heroine. Examining so many different incarnations, series and continuity nuances is an incredible achievement in itself. What makes “Maid of Might” even more memorable is how intelligently composed the content is. Michelle makes reading about the complex lives of each Supergirl an utterly compelling experience. The often confusing continuity of the early DC universe is tamed by Michelle’s deft writing and clear knowledge. Even those unfamiliar with the elaborate history behind the Supergirl character will find themselves drawn into the universe by “Maid of Might”.

Additionally, the shrine features expansive multimedia content covering Silver Age illustrations right through to the latest comic issues. There is even a section for the Supergirl movie soundtrack – talk about comprehensive! For those seeking to know more about specific Supergirl comic appearances, Michelle’s “Comic Books” section will guide you through each and every issue imaginable.

At this point in the review, I’m running out of words to describe how thoroughly enjoyable this dedication is. So please, do yourselves a favour and check out “Maid of Might” – you’re sure to learn something new with each visit.


Michelle loves comics and code. A lifelong Superfamily fan, she’s been collecting comics for 20 years, and running Supergirl: Maid of Might since 2000.

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