TV and Video Game Comics

Adventures of Supergirl (2016)

Digital-first series based on the Supergirl TV series and written by Sterling Gates.

First released in 13 biweekly digital issues on Comixology and then collected in a single trade paperback. Available at Amazon in print and on all e-bookstores including Kindle, Comixology, Google Play, etc.

Smallville Season 11 (2013)

Digital-first series based on the Smallville TV series.

Supergirl appears in the “Argo” storyline. The digital chapters were reprinted in print issue form as Smallville Season 11 #13, 14 and #15 and later collected into Smallville Season 11 Vol. 4: Argo. The print collection is out of print but the digital edition is available at all e-bookstores including Comixology, Kindle, Google Play, etc.


Superman Adventures

Based on TV’s Superman: The Animated Series.

  • Superman Adventures #21 – “Last Daughter of Argo”
    This Supergirl origin story is a sequel to the TV episode “Little Girl Lost”. Kara must face down three criminals who have escaped from the Phantom Zone.
  • Superman Adventures #30 – “Family Reunion” Part 1
    Superman travels to another dimension where he meets evil, brainwashed versions of himself and Supergirl.
  • Superman Adventures #31 – “Family Reunion” Part 2
  • Superman Adventures #39 – “Reunion”
    Sequel to the TV episode “Last Daughter of Argo”: Kara In-Ze and Superman must defeat Brainiac and an android which has assumed the name and face of Kara’s deceased mother.
  • Superman Adventures #41 – “22 Stories in a Single Bound”
    Supergirl appears in a cute one-page story entitled “Supergirl’s Secret Emergency Weapon” – view here.
  • Superman Adventures #52 – “A Death in the Family
    Kara is stricken with a deadly Argoan virus, and it looks like only Lex Luthor may have the cure.
  • Superman Adventures #66 – “Power Play!” Part 2 (cameo in one panel, no lines)

Justice League Unlimited

Based on the animated TV series Justice League Unlimited.

Injustice 2

Digital-first series based on the video game. This is an ongoing series and the issues listed below may not be up to date.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A Crisis of Imagination

Digital-first series based on the video game.

  • Issue #4 – Jan 12, 2014

DC Universe Online: Legends

Based on the video game.