Comics: Kara Zor-El I

Silver & Bronze Age

Supergirl first appeared in Action Comics #252 published in 1959. She starred in the Action Comics backup feature until 1969, when she was promoted to the main feature in Adventure Comics. In 1972 she received her first solo Supergirl series which ran for 10 issues. In 1974 the series Supergirl, Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane and Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen were cancelled and merged into the new 100-page Superman Family series which ran until 1982. Supergirl appeared in The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl from 1982-1984.

Supergirl comics from this period are available for download at The Supergirl Project. A few issues are available on Comixology as noted below.

Lead Guest Star
Action Comics #252 May 1959
“The Supergirl from Krypton!”
(available on Comixology)
Action Comics #253 June 1959
“The Secret of the Super-Orphan!”
Superman #130 July 1959
“The Curse of Kryptonite!”
Action Comics #254 July 1959
“Supergirl’s Foster Parents!”
Action Comics #255 August 1959
“Supergirl Visits the 21st Century!”
Action Comics #256 September 1959
“The Great Supergirl Mirage!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #40 October 1959
“Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl’s Pal!”
Action Comics #257 October 1959
“The Three Magic Wishes!”
Action Comics #258 November 1959
“Supergirl’s Farewell to Earth!”
Action Comics #259 December 1959
“The Cave-Girl of Steel!”
Superman #134 January 1960
“The Super-Outlaw from Krypton! Part 3: The Duel of the Supermen”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #14 January 1960
“Lois Lane’s Secret Romance!”
Action Comics #260 January 1960
“Mighty Maid!”
Action Comics #260 January 1960
“The Girl Superbaby!”
Action Comics #261 February 1960
“Supergirl’s Super Pet!”
Action Comics #262 March 1960
“Supergirl’s Greatest Victory!”
Superboy #80 April 1960
“Superboy Meets Supergirl!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #44 April 1960
“The Wolf-Man of Metropolis!”
Action Comics #263 April 1960
“Supergirl’s Darkest Day!”
Action Comics #264 May 1960
“Supergirl Gets Adopted!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #45 June 1960
“Tom Baker, Power Lad!”
Action Comics #265 June 1960
“The Superman from Outer Space!”
Action Comics #265 June 1960
“The Day Supergirl Revealed Herself!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #46 July 1960
“Jimmy Olsen, Orphan!”
Action Comics #266 July 1960
“The World’s Mightiest Cat!”
Superman #139 August 1960
“The Untold Story of Red Kryptonite!”
Action Comics #267 August 1960
“The Three Super-Heroes!”
(available on Comixology)
Action Comics #268 September 1960
“The Mystery Supergirl!”
Superman #140 October 1960
“The Son of Bizarro!” [part 1]
“The ‘Orphan’ Bizarro!” [part 2]
“The Bizarro Supergirl!” [part 3]
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #20 October 1960
“Lois Lane’s Super-Daughter!” [imaginary appearance]
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #48 October 1960
“The Mystery of the Tiny Supermen!”
Action Comics #269 October 1960
“Supergirl’s First Romance!”
Action Comics #270 November 1960
“The Old Man of Metropolis!”
Action Comics #270 November 1960
“Supergirl’s Busiest Day!”
Adventure Comics #278 November 1960
“Supergirl in Smallville!”
Action Comics #271 December 1960
“Supergirl’s Fortress of Solitude!”
Superman #142 January 1961
“Lois Lane’s Secret Helper!”
“Flame-Dragon from Krypton!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #50 January 1961
“The Lord of Olsen Castle!”
Action Comics #272 January 1961
“The Second Supergirl!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #23 February 1961
“The 10 Feats of Elastic Lass!”
Action Comics #273 February 1961
“The Supergirl of Two Worlds!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #51 March 1961
“The Girl with Green Hair!”
Action Comics #274 March 1961
“Supergirl’s Three Time Trips!”
Superman #144 April 1961
“The Orphans of Space!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #52 April 1961
“Jimmy Olsen, Wolf-Man!”
Action Comics #275 April 1961
“The Menace of Red-Green Kryptonite!”
Action Comics #275 April 1961
“Ma and Pa Kent Adopt Supergirl!”
Superman #145 May 1961
“The Night of March 31st” [imaginary appearance]
Action Comics #276 May 1961
“The War Between Supergirl and the Superman Emergency Squad!”
Action Comics #276 May 1961
“Supergirl’s Three Super Girl-Friends!”
Action Comics #277 June 1961
“The Battle of the Super-Pets!”
Action Comics #278 July 1961
“The Super Powers of Perry White!”
Action Comics #278 July 1961
“The Unknown Supergirl!”
Action Comics #279 August 1961
“Supergirl’s Secret Enemy!”
Action Comics #280 September 1961
“Trapped in Kandor!”
Action Comics #281 October 1961
“The Secret of the Time-Barrier!”
Superman #149 November 1961
“The Death of Superman!” [part 3] [imaginary appearance]
Action Comics #282 November 1961
“The Supergirl of Tomorrow!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #57 December 1961
“Jimmy Olsen Marries Supergirl!” [imaginary appearance]
Action Comics #283 December 1961
“The Six Red ‘K’ Perils of Supergirl!”
Superman #150 January 1962
“The One Minute of Doom!”
Action Comics #284 January 1962
“The Babe of Steel!”
Action Comics #284 January 1962
“The Strange Bodies of Supergirl!”
Action Comics #285 February 1962
“The World’s Greatest Heroine!” [part 1]
“The Infinite Monster!” [part 2]
Adventure Comics #293 February 1962
“The Legion of Super-Traitors!”
Action Comics #286 March 1962
“The Jury of Super-Enemies!”
Action Comics #286 March 1962
“The Death of Luthor!”
Superman #152 April 1962
“The Robot Master!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #60 April 1962
“The Fantastic Army of General Olsen!”
Action Comics #287 April 1962
“Supergirl’s Greatest Challenge!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #33 May 1962
“The Phantom Lois Lane!”
Action Comics #288 May 1962
“The Man Who Made Supergirl Cry!”
Action Comics #289 June 1962
“Superman’s Super-Courtship!”
Superman #154 July 1962
“Krypton’s First Superman!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #34 July 1962
“Lois Lane, Millionairess!”
Action Comics #290 July 1962
“Supergirl’s Super Boy-Friends!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #35 August 1962
“The Fantastic Wigs of Mr. Dupre!”
Action Comics #291 August 1962
“The Bride of Mr. Mxyzptlk!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #63 September 1962
“The League of Fantastic Supermen!”
Action Comics #292 September 1962
“When Superman Defended His Arch-Enemy!”
Action Comics #292 September 1962
“The Super-Steed of Steel!”
Superman #156 October 1962
“The Last Days of Superman!”
Part 1: “Superman’s Death Sentence!”
Part 2: “The Super-Comrades of All Time!”
Part 3: “Superman’s Last Day of Life!”
Action Comics #293 October 1962
“The Feud Between Superman and Clark Kent!”
Action Comics #293 October 1962
“The Secret Origin of Supergirl’s Super-Horse!”
Superman #157 November 1962
“The Super-Revenge of the Phantom Zone Prisoner!”
“Superman’s Day of Doom!”
Action Comics #294 November 1962
“The Mutiny of Super-Horse!”
Action Comics #295 December 1962
“The Girl with the X-Ray Mind!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #38 January 1963
“Lois Lane’s Signal Watch!”
Action Comics #296 January 1963
“The Girl Who Was Supergirl’s Double!”
Adventure Comics #304 January 1963
“The Stolen Super-Powers!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #39 February 1963
“The Kryptonian Courtship!”
Action Comics #297 February 1963
“The Forbidden Weapons of Krypton!”
Action Comics #298 March 1963
“The Super-Powers of Lex Luthor!”
Action Comics #299 April 1963
“The Fantastic Secret of Superbaby II!”
Superman #161 May 1963
“Superman Goes to War!”
Action Comics #300 May 1963
“The Return of Super-Horse!”
Adventure Comics #308 May 1963
“The Return of Lightning Lad!”
Action Comics #301 June 1963
“The Secret Identity of Super-Horse!”
Superman #162 July 1963
“The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue!”
Part 1: “The Titanic Twins!”
Part 2: “The Anti-Evil Ray!”
Part 3: The End of Superman’s Career!” [imaginary appearance]
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #70 July 1963
“The Secret of Silver Kryptonite!”
Action Comics #302 July 1963
“The Day Super-Horse Went Wild!”
Action Comics #303 August 1963
“The Monster from Krypton!”
Action Comics #303 August 1963
“Supergirl’s Big Brother!”
Action Comics #304 September 1963
“The Maid of Menace!”
Action Comics #305 October 1963
“The Girl Who Hated Supergirl!”
Adventure Comics #313 October 1963
“The Condemned Legionnaires!” [part 1]
“The Secret of Satan Girl!” [part 2]
Action Comics #306 November 1963
“The Maid of Doom!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #73 December 1963
“The Kid with the Golden Touch!”
“The Five Fantastic Feats of Jimmy Olsen!”
Action Comics #307 December 1963
“Supergirl’s Wedding Day!”
Action Comics #308 January 1964
“The Super-Tot from Nowhere!”
Action Comics #309 February 1964
“The Superman Super-Spectacular!”
Action Comics #309 February 1964
“The Untold Story of Argo City!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #75 March 1964
“When Supergirl Replaced Jimmy Olsen!”
Action Comics #310 March 1964
“Secret of Kryptonite Six!”
Action Comics #310 March 1964
“Supergirl’s Rival Parents!”
Action Comics #311 April 1964
“The Day Super-Horse Became Human!”
Action Comics #312 May 1964
“The Fantastic Menace of the ‘LL’s’!”
Action Comics #313 June 1964
“The End of Clark Kent’s Secret Identity!”
Action Comics #313 June 1964
“Lena Thorul, Jungle Princess!”
Superman #170 July 1964
“Superman’s Mission for President Kennedy!”
Action Comics #314 July 1964
“Supergirl’s Tragic Ordeal!”
Adventure Comics #322 July 1964
“The Super-Tests of the Super-Pets!”
Action Comics #315 August 1964
“The Menace of Supergirl’s Mother!”
Action Comics #316 September 1964
“Supergirl’s Choice of Doom!”
Action Comics #317 October 1964
“The Great Supergirl Double-Cross!”
Adventure Comics #325 October 1964
“Lex Luthor Meets the Legion of Super-Heroes!”
Action Comics #318 November 1964
“Supergirl Goes to College!”
Adventure Comics #326 November 1964
“The Revolt of the Girl Legionnaires!”
World’s Finest Comics #146 December 1964
“Batman, Son of Krypton!”
Action Comics #319 December 1964
“The Super-Cheat!”
Action Comics #320 January 1965
“The Man Who Broke Supergirl’s Heart!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #55 February 1965
“Superman’s Secret Wife!”
Action Comics #321 February 1965
“The Enemy Supergirl!”
Action Comics #322 March 1965
“The Coward of Steel!”
Action Comics #322 March 1965
“The Planet of Outcasts!”
Superman #176 April 1965
“Superman’s Day of Truth!”
Action Comics #323 April 1965
“The Kryptonian Killer!”
Action Comics #324 May 1965
“The Black Magic of Supergirl!”
Action Comics #325 June 1965
“Ugly Duckling Teacher of Stanhope College!”
Action Comics #326 July 1965
“The Secret of Supergirl’s Suitor!”
Adventure Comics #334 July 1965
“The Unknown Legionnaire!”
Action Comics #327 August 1965
“Supergirl… Fugitive from Justice!”
Action Comics #328 September 1965
“The Ordeals of Dimension Z!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #60 October 1965
“Lois Lane’s Greatest Rival!” [imaginary appearance]
Action Comics #329 October 1965
“Drang, the Destroyer!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #61 November 1965
“The Reptile Girl of Metropolis!”
Action Comics #330 November 1965
“Supergirl’s Duel with Dr. Supernatural!”
Brave and the Bold #63 Dec/Jan 1965
“The Revolt of the Super-Chicks!”
Action Comics #331 December 1965
“Operation Satan”
Action Comics #332 January 1966
“How Superwoman Trained Superboy!” [imaginary appearance]
Action Comics #333 February 1966
“The Duel Between Superwoman and Superboy!” [imaginary appearance]
Action Comics #334 March 1966
80 Page Giant [Supergirl reprints]
“The Supergirl from Krypton!”
“The Cave-Girl of Steel!”
“Supergirl’s First Romance!”
“Supergirl’s Super-Pet!”
“Supergirl’s Fortress of Solitude!”
“The Three Super-Heroes!”
“Superboy Meets Supergirl!”
“The Super-Speed of Steel!”
Special Features [text]: “When Supergirl Met Jimmy Olsen”, “Supergirl’s Two Sets of Parents”, “The Origin of Super-Horse”
Action Comics #335 March 1966
“The Prize of Peril!”
Adventure Comics #342 March 1966
“The Legionnaire Who Killed!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #92 April 1966
“The Man from S.C.A.R.”
Action Comics #336 April 1966
“The Forbidden Fortress of Solitude!”
Superman #186 May 1966
“The Two Ghosts of Superman!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #65 May 1966
“The Musical Murder of Superman!” [imaginary appearance]
Action Comics #337 May 1966
“The Green Sun Supergirl!”
Action Comics #338 June 1966
“The Villain Who Married Supergirl!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #94 July 1966
“Insect-Olsen Versus the Bug Bandits!”
Action Comics #339 July 1966
“Brainiac’s Blitz!”
Action Comics #340 August 1966
“The Supergirl Identity Hunt!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #97 October 1966
“The Fortress Death-Trap!”
Action Comics #342 October 1966
“The Day Supergirl Became an Amazon!”
Adventure Comics #350 November 1966
“The Outcast Super-Heroes!”
Action Comics #344 December 1966
“The (Super) Girl in the Green House!”
Adventure Comics #351 December 1966
“The Forgotten Legion!”
Superman #192 January 1967
“Clark Kent’s Super-Son!” [imaginary appearance]
Action Comics #345 January 1967
“The Exile of Steel!”
Action Comics #346 February 1967
“The Man Who Sold Insurance to Superman!”
Action Comics #346 February 1967
“The Case of the Superman Imposter!”
Action Comics #348 March 1967
“The Assistant Supergirl!”
Superman #195 April 1967
“The Fury of the Kryptonian-Killer!”
Action Comics #349 April 1967
“Supergirl’s Black Deeds!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #101 April 1967
“Olsen’s Time-Trip to Save Krypton!”
Action Comics #350 May 1967
“The Anti-Supergirl Plot!”
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #102 June 1967
“Jimmy Olsen — Campus Hero!”
World’s Finest Comics #167 June 1967
“The New Superman and Batman Team!” [imaginary appearance]
Superman #199 August 1967
“Superman’s Race with the Flash!”
Action Comics #353 August 1967
“The Cosmic Collectors!”
Adventure Comics #359 August 1967
“The Outlawed Legionnaires!”
World’s Finest Comics #169 September 1967
“The Supergirl-Batgirl Plot!”
Action Comics #354 September 1967
“The Brain-Stealers!”
Action Comics #355 October 1967
“The Death of Luthor!” [Reprint from Action Comics #286]
Action Comics #356 November 1967
“The Girl of Straw!”
Action Comics #357 December 1967
“Supergirl’s Secret Marriage!”
Action Comics #358 January 1968
“Superboy in Argo City!”
Adventure Comics #364 January 1968
“The Revolt of the Super-Pets!”
Action Comics #359 February 1968
“The Super-Initiation of Supergirl!”
Action Comics #360 March-April 1968
80 Page Giant [Supergirl reprints]
“The Unknown Supergirl!”
“Supergirl’s Secret Enemy!”
“Trapped in Kandor!”
“The Three Red ‘K’ Perils!”
“The Super-Mermaid!”
“The World’s Greatest Heroine!”
“The Infinite Monster!”
Action Comics #361 March 1968
“Supergirl’s Super-Date!”
Action Comics #362 April 1968
“The 40th Century Outlaw!”
Superboy #147 May/Jun 1968
“The Origin of the Legion!”
Action Comics #363 May 1968
“The Landmark Looters!”
Adventure Comics #368 May 1968
“The Mutiny of the Super-Heroines!”
World’s Finest Comics #176 June 1968
“The Superman-Batman Split!”
Action Comics #364 June 1968
“The Untouchable of Metropolis!”
Action Comics #364 June 1968
“The Kiss of Death!”
Wonder Woman #177 Jul/Aug 1968
“The Planetary Conqueror!”
Action Comics #365 July 1968
“Superman’s Funeral!”
Action Comics #365 July 1968
“The Case of the Campus Crimes!”
Action Comics #366 August 1968
“Substitute Superman!”
Action Comics #366 August 1968
“Stanhope — Off Limits!”
Action Comics #367 September 1968
“The Evil of Alpha and Beta!”
Action Comics #368 October 1968
“Supergirl’s Stand to Save Stanhope!”
Action Comics #369 November 1968
“The Boy Who Broke Supergirl’s Heart!”
Adventure Comics #374 November 1968
“Mission: Diabolical!”
Action Comics #370 December 1968
“Supergirl’s Shattered Marriage!”
Adventure Comics #375 December 1968
“The King of the Legion!”
Superman #213 January 1969
“The Most Dangerous Door in the World!”
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #117 January 1969
“The Planet of the Capes!”
Action Comics #371 January 1969
“The Supergirl Best-Seller!”
Adventure Comics #376 January 1969
“The Execution of Chameleon Boy!”
World’s Finest Comics #182 February 1969
“The Mad Manhunter!”
Action Comics #372 February 1969
“Linda Danvers — Movie Star!”
Action Comics #374 March 1969
“No Mercy for Supergirl!”
Superman #215 April 1969
“Lois Lane… Dead… Yet Alive” [imaginary appearance]
Action Comics #375 April 1969
“The Woman Who Hated Supergirl!”
Action Comics #376 May 1969
“The Hated Girl of Steel!”
Adventure Comics #381 June 1969
“The Supergirl Gang”
Adventure Comics #382 July 1969
“The Super-Team’s Split-Up!”
Adventure Comics #383 August 1969
“Please Stop My Funeral!”
“Supergirl’s Day of Danger!”
Adventure Comics #384 September 1969
“The Heroine Haters!”
“Supergirl’s Greatest Failure!”
Adventure Comics #385 October 1969
“Supergirl’s Big Sister!”
“The Jilting of Supergirl!”
World’s Finest Comics #189 November 1969
“The Man with Superman’s Heart!”
Adventure Comics #386 November 1969
“The Beast That Loved Supergirl!”
“The Godmother of Steel!”
“The Brute Suitor with the Ape Shape!”
Adventure Comics #387 December 1969
“The Wolf-Girl of Stanhope!”
“Lex Luthor’s Outlaw Nephew!”
Superman #223 January 1970
“Half a Hero!”
Action Comics #384 January 1970
“The Forbidden Costume!”
Adventure Comics #388 January 1970
“The Kindergarten Criminal!”
“The Romance Machine!”
Adventure Comics #389 February 1970
“The Mystery Magician!”
“Supergirl’s Jilted Boy Friends!”
Adventure Comics #391 March 1970
“Linda Danvers, Super-Star!”
“The Super-Exchange Student!”
Action Comics #387 April 1970
“One Hero Too Many!”
Adventure Comics #392 April 1970
“The Super-Cheat!”
“Supergirl’s Lost Costume!”
Adventure Comics #393 May 1970
“The Unwanted Supergirl!”
“The Girl Who Knew Supergirl’s Secrets!”
Adventure Comics #394 June 1970
“The Mysterious Motr of Doov”
“Heartbreak Prison”
Adventure Comics #395 July 1970
“The Rejected Supergirl!”
“The Heroine in the Haunted House!”
Superman #229 August 1970
“The Ex-Superman!”
Adventure Comics #396 August 1970
“I am a Witch!”
“The Mystery of the Super-Orphan!”
Adventure Comics #397 September 1970
“Now… Comes Zond”
“Supergirl Meets Nasty”
Adventure Comics #398 October 1970
“Catcher in the Sky”
Adventure Comics #399 November 1970
“Johnny Dee — Hero-Bum!”
Action Comics #395 December 1970
“The Credit Card of Catastrophe”
Adventure Comics #400 December 1970
“Return of the Black Flame!”
Adventure Comics #401 January 1971
“The Frightened Supergirl”
Adventure Comics #402 February 1971
“Love Conquers All — Even Supergirl!”
Action Comics #398 March 1971
“Spawn of the Unknown”
Adventure Comics #404 March 1971
Adventure Comics #405 April 1971
“Starfire’s Revenge!”
Action Comics #400 May 1971
“Duel of Doom!”
Adventure Comics #406 May 1971
Super DC Giant #S-24 May-June 1971
Supergirl reprints plus 3 new pages of reader-submitted costumes
“The Girl with the X-Ray Mind!” [Action Comics #295]
“The Girl Who Was Supergirl’s Double!” [Action Comics #296]
“The Forbidden Weapons of Krypton!” [Action Comics #297]
“The Super-Powers of Lex Luthor!” [Action Comics #298]
Reader-submitted Supergirl costume designs
Adventure Comics #407 June 1971
“Suspicion Confirmed”
Action Comics #402 July 1971
“The Feud of the Titans!”
Adventure Comics #408 July 1971
“The Face at the Window”
“Invasion of the Mer-Men”
Action Comics #403 August 1971
“Attack of the Micro-Murderer!”
Adventure Comics #409 August 1971
“Invasion of the Mer-Men”
“Fight with Fire Drake”
Adventure Comics #410 September 1971
“The Nature of the Beast!”
“The Ruler Without a Planet!”
Adventure Comics #411 October 1971
“The Alien Among Us!”
Adventure Comics #412 November 1971
“The Battle for Survival!”
Adventure Comics #413 December 1971
“The Walking Bombs!”
Adventure Comics #414 January 1972
“The Kidnapping!”
Adventure Comics #415 February 1972
“The Space Pirates!”
“Like a Death’s-Head in the Sky!”
Adventure Comics #416 March 1972
100 Page Super Spectacular:
[reprints: Supergirl, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Phantom Lady, Merry the Gimmick Girl]
“The Untold Story of Argo City!” [Action Comics #309]
“Supergirl’s Rival Parents!” [Action Comics #310]
“The Black Magic of Supergirl” [Action Comics #324]
Adventure Comics #417 March 1972
“All Men Are But Slaves!”
Action Comics #411 April 1972
“The Day They Sold Superman’s Fortress!”
Adventure Comics #418 April 1972
“The Face of the Dragon!”
Justice League of America #98 May 1972
“No More Tomorrows!”
World’s Finest Comics #211 May 1972
“Fugitive from the Stars!”
Adventure Comics #419 May 1972
“The Thief Who Loved Supergirl!”
Adventure Comics #420 June 1972
“And Death Shall Have No Dominion!”
Adventure Comics #421 July 1972
“Demon Spawn!”
Adventure Comics #422 August 1972
“Pawn of Peace!”
Adventure Comics #423 September 1972
Adventure Comics #424 October 1972
“Crypt of the Frozen Graves!”
Supergirl #1 November 1972
“Trail of the Madman!”
Supergirl #2 January 1973
“Death of a City!”
Supergirl #3 February 1973
“The Garden of Death!”
Supergirl #4 March 1973
“The Borrowed Brain!”
Supergirl #5 June 1973
“The Devil’s Brother!”
Supergirl #6 August 1973
“– In Love and War!”
Supergirl #7 October 1973
“The Sinister Snowman!”
Action Comics #429 November 1973
“The Man Who Wrote Superman’s Obituary!”
Supergirl #8 November 1973
“A Head-Full of Snakes!”
Supergirl #9 Dec/Jan 1973
“The Super-Amazon!”
Superboy #200 Jan/Feb 1974
“The Legionnaire Bride of Starfinger!”
Superman Family #165 Jun/Jul 1974
“Princess of the Golden Sun!”
Superboy #204 Sep/Oct 1974
“Brainiac 5’s Secret Weakness!”
Supergirl #10 Sep/Oct 1974
“Death of a Prez!”
“Her Brother’s Keeper!”
Superman #282 December 1974
“The Loneliest Man in the Universe!”
Superman Family #168 Dec/Jan 1974
“The Girl with the See-Through Mind!”
Superman Family #171 Jun/Jul 1975
“Cleopatra Queen of America!”
Superman Family #174 Dec/Jan 1975
“Eyes of the Serpent!”
Superman Family #177 Jun/Jul 1976
“Bride of the Stars!”
Justice League of America #132 July 1976
“The Beasts Who Fought Like Men!”
Justice League of America #134 September 1976
“The Battle at the Edge of Forever!”
Superman Family #180 November 1976
“The Secret of the Spell-Bound Supergirl!”
Superman #307 January 1977
“Krypton — No More!”
(available on Comixology)
Superman #308 February 1977
“This Planet is Mine!”
(available on Comixology)
Superman #309 March 1977
“Blind Hero’s Bluff!”
Superman Family #182 Mar/Apr 1977
“The Deadly Treasure of Mars!”
Adventure Comics #450 Mar/Apr 1977
“Return to Destiny!”
Superman Family #183 May/Jun 1977
“Shadows of Phantoms!”
Superman #312 June 1977
“Today the City… Tomorrow the World!”
Super-Team Family #11 Jun/Jul 1977
“The Other Side of Doomsday!”
Superman #313 July 1977
“The Only Way You’ll Save the Earth… is Over My Dead Body!”
Superman Family #184 Jul/Aug 1977
“The Visitors from the Void”
Action Comics #473 July 1977
“The Great Phantom Peril!”
Superman #314 August 1977
“Before This Night is Over, Superman Will Kill!”
Superman #315 September 1977
“Good Evening, Superman — I’m Clark Kent… and You’re Not!”
Superman Family #185 Sep/Oct 1977
“The Voodoo Machine!”
Superman Family #186 Nov/Dec 1977
“A Rendezvous with Reality!”
Superman Family #187 Jan/Feb 1978
“Birthright of Power!”
Superman Family #188 Mar/Apr 1978
“Kandor Vs Supergirl!”
Superman Family #189 May/Jun 1978
“Memories of Menace!”
All New Collectors’ Edition #C-58 1978
“When Earths Collide!”
NOTE: Reprinted in Superman VS. Shazam! TPB (March 2013)
Superman Family #190 Jul/Aug 1978
Justice League of America #157 August 1978
“Till Doom Do Us Part!”
Superman Family #191 Sep/Oct 1978
“A Matter of Gravity!”
Superman Family #192 Nov/Dec 1978
“What Goes Up… Can’t Come Down!”
Action Comics #489 November 1978
“Krypton Dies Again!”
Superman Family #193 Jan/Feb 1979
“The Gravity War!”
World’s Finest Comics #255 Feb/Mar 1979 [cameo]
“Nothing But a Man”
Brave and the Bold #147 February 1979
“Death-Scream from the Sky!”
Superman Family #194 Mar/Apr 1979
“Nightmare in New Athens!”
Superman Family #195 May/Jun 1979
“The Screamin’ Demon!”
Action Comics #496 June 1979
“Death Out of a Bottle!”
Superman Family #196 Jul/Aug 1979
“Displaced Double Identity”
Superman #338 August 1979
“Let My People Grow!”
Superman Family #197 Sep/Oct 1979
“The Man with the Eternity Hands!”
Action Comics #500 October 1979
“The Life Story of Superman”
Superman Family #198 Nov/Dec 1979
“The Cosmic Abduction!”
Action Comics #502 December 1979
“Fall and Rise of the Star-Child!”
Superman Family #199 Jan/Feb 1980
“The Case of the Cape Caper!”
Superman Family #200 Mar/Apr 1980
“Something Swims the Time Stream!” [imaginary appearance]
“Celebration!” [imaginary appearance]
Brave and the Bold #160 March 1980
“The Brimstone Connection!”
Superman Family #201 May/Jun 1980
“The Face on Cloud 9!”
Superman Family #202 Jul/Aug 1980
“The Dynamic Duel!”
Superman Family #203 Sep/Oct 1980
“The Supergirl from Planet Earth!”
Super Friends #37 October 1980
“Bad Weather for Supergirl!”
Superman Family #204 Nov/Dec 1980
“The Earthquake Enchantment!”
DC Comics Presents #28: Superman and Supergirl December 1980
DC Comics Presents #29: Superman and Spectre January 1981
“Where No Superman Has Gone Before”
Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1 January 1981
“The Past… Seen Darkly!”
Superman in “Victory by Computer” (1981)
Free promotional issue produced for Radio Shack
Superman Family #205 Jan/Feb 1981
“Magic Over Miami!”
Superman Family #206 Mar/Apr 1981
“Strangers at the Heart’s Core!”
Superman Family #207 May/Jun 1981
“Look Homeward, Argonian!”
Superman Family #208 July 1981
“The Super-Switch to New York!”
Superman Family #209 August 1981
“Strike Three — You’re Out!”
Krypton Chronicles #1 September 1981
“The Search for Superman’s Roots!”
Superman Family #210 September 1981
“The Spoil Sport of New York!”
Krypton Chronicles #2 October 1981
“Bring Back Yesterday!”
Superman Family #211 October 1981
“The Man with the Explosive Mind!”
Krypton Chronicles #3 November 1981
“The Race to Overtake the Past!”
Superman #365 November 1981
“When Kryptonians Clash!”
Detective Comics #508 November 1981
“The Attack of the Annihilator!”
Superman Family #212 November 1981
“Payment on Demand!”
Superman #366 December 1981
“Revenge, Superman-Style!”
Detective Comics #509 December 1981
“The Fires of Destruction!”
Superman Family #213 December 1981
“Bad Day with Blackrock!”
Superman #367 January 1982
“The Revengers Strike Back!”
Superman Family #214 January 1982
“The Strange Revenge of Lena Luthor!”
Detective Comics #510 January 1982
“Bride of Destruction!”
Superman #368 February 1982
“The Revenger of Steel!”
Phantom Zone #2 February 1982
“Earth Under Siege!”
Superman Family #215 February 1982
“Crisis at the Crossroads in Time!”
DC Comics Presents #43: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes March 1982
“In Final Battle!”
Phantom Zone #3 March 1982
“The Terror Beyond Twilight!”
Superman Family #216 March 1982
“Victory is Only 5,000 Centuries Away!”
Phantom Zone #4 April 1982
“The Phantom Planet!”
Superman Family #217 April 1982
“We Interrupt This Program…!”
Wonder Woman #291 May 1982 [cameo]
“Judgment in Infinity!”
Superman Family #218 May 1982
“The Goddess from Hell!”
Wonder Woman #292 June 1982
“Seven Against Oblivion!”
Superman Family #219 June 1982
“Prison Bars Do Not a Cell Make!”
Wonder Woman #293 July 1982
” A Judgment Rendered!”
Superman #373 July 1982
“An Eye (and Ear) on the World!”
Superman Family #220 July 1982
“Battle Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge!”
Superman Family #221 August 1982
“A Trip on the Light Fantastic!”
Superman Family #222 September 1982
“Stop My Life — I Want to Get Out!”
Superman #376 October 1982
“In Transit”
(bridge story between final issue of Superman Family and first issue of Daring New Adventures of Supergirl)
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1 November 1982
“A Very Strange and Special Girl!”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #2 December 1982
“Crisis Over Chicago!”
Legion of Super-Heroes #294 December 1982
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #3 January 1983
“Decay Day!”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #4 February 1983
“Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here!”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #5 March 1983
“Fear Times Four”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #6 April 1983
“Battleground O’Hare”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #7 May 1983
“This Meeting Will Come to Disorder!”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #8 June 1983
“Stand-ins for Supergirl!”
Legion of Super-Heroes #300 June 1983
“The Future is Forever!”
DC Comics Presents Annual #2: Superman Introduces Superwoman 1983
“The Last Secret Identity”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #9 July 1983
Legion of Super-Heroes #301 July 1983
“Different Paths, Different Dooms”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #10 August 1983
Legion of Super-Heroes #302 August 1983
“Family Matters”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #11 September 1983
“A Dark and Frozen Purgatory!”
Legion of Super-Heroes #303 September 1983
“Those Emerald Eyes Are Shining…”
Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #2 1983
“Whatever Gods There Be…”
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #12 October 1983
“Guess Who’s About to Die!”
(Daring New Adventures of) Supergirl #13 November 1983
“Echoes of Times Gone By”
Supergirl #14 December 1983
“Star Light, Star Bright… Blackstarr Rises Tonight!”
Supergirl [American Honda Presents] 1984
Supergirl #15 January 1984
Supergirl #16 February 1984
Supergirl #17 March 1984
“Publish… and Perish!”
Supergirl #18 April 1984
“Call Me — Kraken!”
Supergirl #19 May 1984
“Who Stole Supergirl’s Life?”
Action Comics #555 May 1984
(available on Comixology)
Supergirl #20 June 1984
Supergirl #21 July 1984
“Curse of the Kryptonite-Man!”
Supergirl #22 August 1984
“I Have Seen the Future… and It is Me!”
Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #314 August 1984
“The Trial of Ontiir”
Supergirl #23 September 1984
“The Future Begins Today!”
Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #315 September 1984
Justice League of America #231 October 1984
“Family Crisis!”
Justice League of America #232 November 1984
Superman #401 November 1984
“Operation: False Front!”
Supergirl Movie Special #1 1985
Crisis on Infinite Earths #4 July 1985
“And Thus Shall the World Die!”
Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 August 1985
“Worlds in Limbo”
Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 September 1985
“3 Earths! 3 Deaths!”
Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 October 1985
“Beyond the Silent Night”
DC Comics Presents #86: Superman and Supergirl October 1985
“Into the Valley of the Shadow…!”
Superman #414 December 1985
“Revenge is Life — Death to Superman!”
Supergirl [American Honda Presents] 1986
“Welcome to Motorville”
Legion of Super-Heroes #18 January 1986
“Has Anyone Noticed a Crisis Going On?” (on viewscreen)
Superman #415 January 1986
“Supergirl:Bride of — X?”
Infinity Inc. #22 January 1986
“Uncivil Wars!”
All-Star Squadron #53 January 1986
“Worlds in Turmoil!”
All-Star Squadron #54 February 1986
“The Crisis Comes to 1942!”
Superman #423 September 1986
“Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”
(available on Comixology)


Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 1999
A “missing tale” taking place between Crisis on Infinite Earths #3-5. Features Silver Age Supergirl and Supergirl of Earth-D.
Supergirl #75 December 2002
“The Supergirl From Krypton!”
Supergirl #76 January 2003
“Many Happy Returns Part Two”
Superman vs. Darkseid: Apokolips Now! March 2003
“Apokolips Now!”
Supergirl #77 February 2003
“Fatalist Attraction” (Many Happy Returns Part Three)
Supergirl #78 March 2003
“Bad Choices” (Many Happy Returns Part Four)
Supergirl #79 April 2003
“…And There Can Be Only One!”
Supergirl #80 May 2003
“Hail & Farewell” (Many Happy Returns Conclusion)
DC: The New Frontier #6 November 2004
“Epilogue: The New Frontier”
Solo #1 December 2004
“Young Love” – a touching Silver Age era story starring Supergirl and Robin. 8 pages.
Solo #7 December 2005
“Doom Patrol vs Teen Titans” – Supergirl appears on page 11 and page 12. 8 pages.
Justice #8 December 2006
“Justice (Chapter Eight)”
(available on Comixology)
Justice #10 April 2007
“Justice (Chapter Ten)”
(available on Comixology)
Justice #11 June 2007
“Justice (Chapter Eleven)”
(available on Comixology)
Justice #12 August 2007
“Justice (Chapter Twelve)”
(available on Comixology)
DC Universe Legacies #5 November 2010 [cameo]
DC Retroactive: Superman – The ’70s September 2011
“Death Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry” [new story]
(available on Comixology)
DC Retroactive: Superman – The ’80s October 2011
“New Day, Final Destiny” [new story]
(available on Comixology)