DC Animated Universe Comics

cover of Superman Adventures #21

The Superman Adventures and Justice League Unlimited comics are set in the DC Animated Universe.

DC Comics has made these series available digitally through Comixology. JLU is only partially available.

Superman Adventures (1996-2002)

Recommended issues for Supergirl: Superman Adventures #21, #39, #52.

  • Superman Adventures #21 – “Last Daughter of Argo”. June 1998.
    This Supergirl origin story is a sequel to the TV episode “Little Girl Lost”. Kara In-Ze must face down three criminals who have escaped from the Phantom Zone.
  • Superman Adventures #30 – “Family Reunion” Part 1. April 1999.
    Superman travels to another dimension where he meets evil, brainwashed versions of himself and Supergirl.
  • Superman Adventures #31 – “Family Reunion” Part 2. May 1999.
  • Superman Adventures #39 – “Reunion”. January 2000.
    Sequel to the TV episode “Last Daughter of Argo”: Kara In-Ze and Superman must defeat Brainiac and an android which has assumed the name and face of Kara’s deceased mother.
  • Superman Adventures #41 – “22 Stories in a Single Bound”. March 2000. Supergirl appears in a cute one-page story entitled “Supergirl’s Secret Emergency Weapon”.
  • Superman Adventures #52 – “A Death in the Family”. February 2001. Kara is stricken with a deadly Argoan virus, and it looks like only Lex Luthor may have the cure.
  • Superman Adventures #66 – “Power Play!” Part 2. May 2001. Cameo in one panel, no lines.

Justice League Unlimited (2004-2008)

Recommended issues for Supergirl: Justice League Unlimited #7, #16, #20.
Recommended issues for Power Girl: Justice League Unlimited #3, #16. Brief appearance in #13.

  • Justice League Unlimited #3 – “Rolling on the River” (January 2005). Reprints the 7-page Power Girl story from Adventures in the DC Universe #6 (1997).
  • Justice League Unlimited #7 – “Orphans”. May 2005.
  • Justice League Unlimited #10 – “Madness…Madness…They Call It Madness!” August 2005. Small role.
  • Justice League Unlimited #13 – “Nuts and Bolts”. November 2005. Power Girl has a small role. Supergirl has a cameo in 2 panels, no lines.
  • Justice League Unlimited #16 – “Smashing Through the Snow!” Supergirl and Power Girl both appear. February 2006.
  • Justice League Unlimited #20 – “Just Us Girls”. June 2006.
  • Justice League Unlimited #22 – “Outside Looking In”. August 2006. Appears in a few panels, no lines.
  • Justice League Unlimited #31 – “The One Man Justice League”. May 2007. One panel on page 9, no lines.
  • Justice League Unlimited #41 – “The Anniversary Party”. March 2008. Cameo.