SUPERGIRL Collected Editions 1959-1986 (Silver & Bronze Age)

Supergirl: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 1

On sale June 14, 2016
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Collection cover by Darwyn Cooke

Collects the Supergirl stories from Action Comics #252-307, originally published 1959-1963

As Superman’s secret weapon, Supergirl must adjust to life in the Midvale Orphange. The stories alternate between tales about friends and school, Supergirl’s efforts to master her new powers, and time-travel jaunts into the far future and distant past.

The ultimate Silver Age Supergirl collection – at least until a 2nd omnibus is published (fingers crossed!) This full-colour hardcover edition includes Kara Zor-El’s early adventures in the Midvale Orphanage when she operated in secret, her adoption by the Danvers and subsequent public debut as Supergirl, her first romance, her first encounter with the Legion of Super-Heroes, a run-in with the Superman Emergency Squad, her first exposure to red Kryptonite, and multiple appearances by Streaky the Super-Cat and Comet the Super-Horse.

Written by Supergirl co-creator Otto Binder (also co-creator of Mary Marvel), Jerry Siegel, and Leo Dorfman. Art by Supergirl co-creator Al Plastino (Action Comics #252) and Jim Mooney. Covers by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye.

Showcase Presents: Supergirl Vol. 1 (out of print)

cover of Showcase Supergirl volume 1 Published Nov 2007
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BLACK & WHITE | 528 pages

Collects the Supergirl stories from Action Comics #252-282; Adventure Comics# 278; Superboy #80; Superman #123, 139-140, 144; Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #14; Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #40, 46, 51, originally published 1959-1961.

Showcase Presents: Supergirl Vol. 2

cover image of Showcase Supergirl volume 2 Published Dec 2008
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BLACK & WHITE | 512 pages

Collects the Supergirl stories from Action Comics #283-321, originally published 1961-1965.

Supergirl: The Bronze Age Vol. 1

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Collects Adventure Comics #397-402 and 404-424, Supergirl #1-11 and Superman Family #165

Supergirl enters the 1970s as a college student and full-fledged super-hero. Declaring her independence from her cousin, Superman, the Girl of Steel enrolls in college, where she finds new dangers as well as her first romances. These stories include appearances by Zatanna, Prez, and other DC characters.

Daring New Adventures of Supergirl Vol. 1

On sale July 19, 2016
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Collects The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1-12, originally published 1982-1983

Disguised as the brilliant brown-haired college student Linda Danvers, Supergirl sets out from the safety of Metropolis to see her adopted country for herself. From the streets of Chicago to the hills of San Francisco, she encounters loyal new friends and powerful new foes, astounding new discoveries and terrifying new dangers. Looks like this is a job for…Supergirl!