SUPERGIRL Comics 1988-1996 (Post-Crisis: Matrix)

This is a complete list of appearances by Matrix Supergirl prior to Supergirl (1996 series).

Key stories include “The Supergirl Saga”, “Panic in the Sky”, Action Comics #676 and #677, Supergirl & Team Luthor #1 (1993), Supergirl (1994), and Showcase ’96 #8 (prelude to the 1996 Supergirl series).

Pre-Introduction Teasers

The Supergirl Saga

Supergirl reverted to an androgynous form at the end of Superman #22 and continued to appear in this state for the next few issues.

  • Adventures of Superman #448 (Dec 1988) (pages 1718)
  • Adventures of Superman #450 (Jan 1989) (pages 16-21)

Supergirl began calling herself “Matrix” in the Exile in Space storyline. She appears very briefly in her androgynous form for 5 issues, which evolve into a B-plot wherein she impersonates Clark Kent while Superman is off in space in the Superman on Earth” storyline. Matrix then leaves Earth at the end of Action Comics #644, just as Superman had previously done. It would be three years before DC brought her back in “Panic in the Sky”.

Exile in Space

Superman on Earth

Panic in the Sky

Matrix returned in the 8-issue “Panic in the Sky” storyline.

Supergirl and Lex Luthor Jr.

Following “Panic in the Sky”, DC Comics began an ill-conceived story running through the Superman titles in which Supergirl begins an alliance with Lex Luthor (in the guise of Lex Luthor Jr.) Over the next two years DC Comics portrayed Supergirl as Lex’s “kept woman” in her brief appearances.

Blaze-Satanus War


Supergirl meets Valor, the post-Crisis version of Mon-El.


Funeral for a Friend

Reign of the Supermen

The Return of Superman

Supergirl v3 (Limited Series)

In 1994 DC Comics published a “trial run” Supergirl miniseries to gauge support for an ongoing series. The story put an end to the unpopular Lex Luthor relationship, and two years later an ongoing Supergirl series was launched.

Zero Hour

Supergirl and the New Titans

Supergirl was a member of the New Titans from 1994-1995. Her appearances with the team are unremarkable.

  • Guy Gardner: Warrior #24 (Sep 1994) (pages 13, 18-21)
  • Action Comics #706 (Jan 1995)
  • Showcase ’95 #1 (Jan 1995) – contains the Supergirl story “Perfect Form” which continues in Showcase #2
  • Showcase ’95 #2 (Feb 1995) – final page begins a crossover story continued in New Titans #120
  • Guy Gardner: Warrior #29 (Mar 1995)
  • New Titans #120 (Apr 1995) – Supergirl appears during a pretty terrible storyline in which Evil!Raven is capturing and turning the other Titans to the dark side. The creators seem to enjoy torturing/placing women in peril.
  • New Titans #121 (May 1995)
  • Guy Gardner: Warrior #30 (April 1995)
  • Guy Gardner: Warrior #31 (May 1995)
  • Damage #13 (June 1995) (four panels, 2 lines)
  • Deathstroke #48 (June 1995) (Supergirl appears as one of the New Titans on pages 17-24, cont. in New Titans #122)
  • New Titans #122 (June 1995)
  • New Titans Annual #11 (June 1995) (semi-featured, pages 31-57)
  • Darkstars #32 (July 1995) – (pages 1-4)
  • Deathstroke #49 (July 1995) (two tiny panel appearances, no lines)
  • Deathstroke #50 (Aug 1995) (one panel, one line)
  • New Titans #123 (July 1995) (appears in two panels, has one line)

The Siege of Zi-Charam

The Trial of Superman

  • Showcase ’95 #12 (fan-scans) (Dec 1995) – Supergirl stars in one of three unrelated stories, the other two featuring Maitresse and The Shade
  • Supergirl Annual #1 1996 (fan-scans) (April 1996). Part of the Legends of the Dead Earth elseworlds annuals from 1996, published a few months before the 1996 Supergirl series debuted. Contains “The Surrogate”, “The Legend Lives On” and “Shootout at Ice Flats”. Fairly dark and depressing stories.
  • Superboy #28 (June 1996)
  • Superman: The Man of Steel #58 – July 1996 (Part 3 of “Identity Crisis” (not the 2004 miniseries) – Brainiac takes over Superman’s body)
  • Showcase ’96 #8 (fan-scans) (Sep 1996) (10-page prelude to the Supergirl [1996] series which debuted the same month)