Preview: Supergirl #50

It’ll be in my hands tomorrow, but for now I’ll have to satisfy myself with the all too short preview.

  • The special cover for the big 50th issue is nice for Michael Turner and probably a treat for his fans, but for me it’s a let down. A big part of my disappointment is the lack of a new costume: I was really counting on that happening. Heck, 50 issues calls for a costume upgrade in Supergirl tradition. Not having any nostalgia for Turner, I’d have preferred something by the regular cover artist: I’m sure he could have come up with something iconic and celebratory like this or this or this. (EDIT: After some reflection, I realize it’s not a bad cover if I squint past the anatomy problem; I’m just biased against Turner and his use of unimaginative photoref backgrounds.) There’s also something eerie about a previously unused image from beyond the grave.
  • Helen Slater co-wrote the backup story. Cool. I remember that she and Jake Black had co-pitched a story to DC a couple years back.
  • Lucy Lane is back (yay! it’s been a long time since she was last seen in the SUPERGIRL ANNUAL) and she appears to have absorbed Kryptonian-like superpowers, but at a painful physical cost. This is gonna be interesting!
  • And I still don’t know what’s happening with Lana – is she out of her cocoon?


Michelle loves comics and code. A lifelong Superfamily fan, she’s been collecting comics for 20 years, and running Supergirl: Maid of Might since 2000.

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