Super-family Titles Round Out the New 52

No surprises here if you saw yesterday’s leaked covers. Superman gets two books: Action Comics will retell his early days as he “defends a world that doesn’t trust their first Super Hero” while Superman will explore his “startling new status quo” and how it “affects his friends, loved ones and his job at The Daily Planet”.

Action Comics #1

“A new era of DC Comics begins as the longest-running monthly comic of all time releases its first issue #1 since 1938….This momentous first issue will set in motion the history of the DC Universe as Superman defends a world that doesn’t trust their first Super Hero.” Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Rag Morales.

Superman #1

Written by George Perez and illustrated by Jesus Merino

Supergirl #1

“Supergirl’s got the unpredictable behavior of a teenager, the same powers as Superman and none of his affection for the people of Earth. Writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson (Smallville, SUPERMAN/BATMAN) will team up with artist Mahmud Asrar to give a new take on the teenager from Krypton in SUPERGIRL #1.”

None of Superman’s affection for Earth? That explains the regal, alien costume. (Now that I realize those are her kneecaps showing through her boots, and not white patches like I thought, I think the boots are really stupid.) I really don’t want a haughty Supergirl :( Guess this means no more Linda Lang secret identity or ties to Lana. *sad* And NO AMY REEDER covers *cries*

Superboy #1

“They thought he was just a failed experiment, grown from a combination of Kryptonian and human DNA. But when the scope of his stunning powers was revealed, he became a deadly weapon. SUPERBOY #1 will be written by Scott Lobdell with art by R.B. Silva and Rob Lean.”

I’m confused. The cover clearly shows an android but the blurb suggests Superboy is a clone, which is his original origin story. Is this a merging of Cyborg Superman and Superboy’s origins? Then there’s the Superboy in Teen Titans, and Dan Didio has hinted that there’s “a reason” why they look different. No clue.

So. No Power Girl. That officially leaves me with one title left to buy. I do understand that she’s considered an Earth 2 JSA legacy character more than a member of the Super family – except when DC wants to round out a Superman Family multi-part statue – but I’m immensely disappointed like everyone else because she’s such a damn good character who isn’t represented into the nu-more-white-male-than-ever DCU.

We only know 7 of the 14 members that are to make up the JLA roster, so assuming they aren’t all doing double-duty in other books, there’s a chance for more prelaunch characters to reappear. I don’t expect to see PG because DC is being brutal in eliminating “duplicate” (aka legacy) characters who aren’t Green Lanterns or male ex-Robins (yes, I’m bitter). I think Mr. Terrific and Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle will be the only members of the JSA to appear, recast as standalone characters with no ties to the JSA. Neither originates from Earth 2 so they can be easily integrated into the formerly Earth 1 universe. (Edited to add: I forgot about the “Savage Hawkman” title.) As many have speculated, the JSA appears to have no place in this new merged universe.

Now, it’s entirely possible that more titles will launch later in 2012. Some of the more…fringe titles could easily be miniseries, and I expect MANY of them to be abruptly cancelled as it is a statistical certainty that some will fail to garner sales. Low selling books get cancelled and replaced all the time. It is simply impossible that all 52 new titles will last out the year. At that point, we will see prelaunch characters come back, but in what form is impossible to predict. And many titles look to be in “timeline changed” temporary forms (Harley Quinn?!) that will be “restored” at some time.

DC can deny this is a reboot all they want: this is Crisis on Infinite Earths for a new generation. And we all know how hit or miss that rebooted universe was.

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