Nick Spencer No Longer Writing Supergirl

CBR announces the news: SUPERGIRL #60 isn’t even out, and the series is back to a revolving door of creative teams.

I’m taking this book off my pull list. I’m not interested in a book written month to month by pinch-hitters just so DC can keep pushing an issue out.

I still have two issues and an annual to review, eh? I really liked them, and Chang’s art on #58 was a very nice surprise (looks like I should have been worried about the writer and not the artist!) There are some really BIG dangling threads left from the annual and #59 (Lucy?!!) that will probably never be resolved now, which is kind of crazy. I still don’t know what reason DC had for moving Gates off book (they’re sure not going to tell us) but wow, it was bad timing! Hopefully someone who’s actually interested and able to commit to the book will come along in a few months.

Looks like Batgirl is going to be my teen-girl hero fix now. Is there really no one else at DC who wants to write/draw Supergirl?

(Dec 24: Edited to fix a possibly misleading sentence.)


Michelle loves comics and code. A lifelong Superfamily fan, she’s been collecting comics for 20 years, and running Supergirl: Maid of Might since 2000.

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