Jamal Igle leaving Supergirl for Birds of Prey?

On August 4 Bleeding Cool published a rumor that Jamal Igle is off Supergirl and moving over to Birds Of Prey. I didn’t want to believe it, but this video promo clip on Igle’s gallery (edit: the clip has been pulled, but you can see it here) seems to confirm that it will happen with the December issue. BoP has gone through a series of fill-in artists in just the first four issues due to Ed Benes’ health problems, so it makes sense they’d need a new regular penciller.

I can’t say how gutted I am by this.

Jamal’s replacement better be damn good and bring the same sensibility to character, is all I’m saying. Jamal and Sterling rescued Supergirl and gave her back to us, and it’s a damn shame Jamal isn’t continuing because he’s said time and again that he wants to be on the book as long as they’ll let him.

Jamal posted a few cryptic Twitter comments on August 4 in response to questions about the Bleeding Cool post, but he clearly can’t say anything yet:

krufrank: Just heard you are off Supergirl…what up???

jamaligle: no comment

krufrank: um okay…doesn’t sound good…sorry to hear that. Is it true you are now on Birds of Prey?

jamaligle: Don’t be sorry. For now, really, no comment.

His last twitter on the subject (Aug 10) suggests an official announcement is forthcoming…whenever “soon” is in DC PR time:

Anj (of Supergirl Comic Box Commentary): all the supergirl fans are waiting … hopeful … for any news

jamaligle: there will be news soon, I promise.

And now you know why I made that post about Jamal Igle convention sketches.

ETA: I think Bleeding Cool just sourced me. *amused*

ETA2: An observant fan points out on the Bleeding Cool forums that the graphic shown at the end of the vid resembles a reworked Lady Blackhawk symbol. The vid is labelled “Birds of Prey” though, so who knows. Maybe we should all just relax and look forward to a Lady Blackhawk one-shot?

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