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DC Comics Releases Second Reader Survey for New 52

Following the controversial results of their first customer survey to gauge the success of the New 52, DC Comics promised to follow up with future surveys. They have now released a second survey to gauge readership reaction to the New 52.

The survey is open only to USA residents who have purchased New 52 titles and can correctly jump through a few hoops: “Orange Ivy” is a fake title and choosing any option except “Not familiar with it” will get you booted out of the survey. You may also need the listing below of the cancelled titles when the survey asks about those:

The new survey sets its focus on a few new aspects of the New 52: digital comics and dwindling or cancelled titles.

Although the survey begins with a broad overview of titles from the New 52 (including the “Second Wave,” those that were cancelled to make room for the “Second Wave” and a fictional book named “Orange Ivy”), it quickly narrows its scope to 20 books, comprised of the already-cancelled “O.M.A.C.,” “Hawk and Dove,” “Men of War,” “Mister Terrific,” “Blackhawks” and “Static Shock”; the soon-to-be-cancelled “Captain Atom,” “Resurrection Man” and “Voodoo”; and titles with dwindling sales like “Grifter,” “Deathstroke,” “Superboy,” “The Fury of Firestorm,” “Suicide Squad,” “Red Lanterns,” “G.I. Combat,” “Green Arrow,” Blue Beetle,” “Legion of Super Heroes” and “Suicide Squad.”

The survey asks not only whether the reader bought these books, but also whether they had bought comics based on the characters previously, whether they would continue to buy books based on the characters again and the format they’d be likely to buy — print or digital. In fact, much of the survey queries the buying habits of the participant including their monthly consumption of comics, the primary format of purchase (print or digital), whether they purchase the print/digital “combo packs” and how many comic distributors, both physical and online, they visit on a regular basis.

Comic Book Resources

The survey will be available through July 6th.

Newsarama states that “According to DC in a message to retailers, ‘This research is to help you identify the make-up of and opportunities to market to today’s consumers.'”

So, if you’ve bought any of the New 52 titles (and sales suggest you’re less likely to be than 9 months ago), here’s your chance to give DC a piece of your mind. That includes telling them what you do like and is working for you – although you can only tell them how awesome Superman Family Adventures or some of the digital only series are if you’re also reading at least one New 52 title.

Michelle Bacon

Michelle loves comics and code. A lifelong Superfamily fan, she's been collecting comics for 20 years, and running Supergirl: Maid of Might since 2000.

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16 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    Well, whats there to tell? I have been a long-time comic and DC fan and a superman in general. And I have to say, when I have heard that this new 52 reboot and replacing the DC heroes and that I know and love and that has been a part of me, with a bunch of darker and edgier dc characters, just for the sake of change and to and them “hip” for these so-called new fans, but at the same time it is a real kick in the gut and a big smack in the face to me, and to all the true fans that value and DC universe from the former continuity. Not exactly a smart way to make the dollar in the comic book business. Me, it gave a very angry reaction. And one morning, I had trouble trying to fall back to sleep because I couldn’t get the thought out of my head and the thought of it made my gut squeeze and makes me want to scream. That’s how bad it upsets me. It’s like having something that was part of you, something that you hold dear and being ripped away, basically.

    It use to be readable for everyone, not just for kids. Now because of what the new 52 has, it makes it seem like more of rated “R”.
    They have added, overdone blood and gore, shown sexual acts and even made the original Green Lantern gay. Are you kidding me? Now, I do not have any problem with gays. But it’s not exactly an appropriate move to introduce kids to comics, to which, I can say the same with overly done blood and gore, shown sexual acts(there is a time and place for certain things. just not in this in DC). Some things are best left alone, like the green lantern’s sexual orientation and that is clearly a sign of disrespect to the DC characters from those fools in DC who care only about the money and not for the fans, long-time fan especially. And thats not right!

    They have messed up a lot of most of the character’s outfits, like with wonder woman’s. They also made her boots the wrong color like a dark shade of blue, when it clearly should be RED and made her persona like a cop-out of Xena, let alone making her the daughter of Zeus, which was ridiculous and having here working in London,is also just obsured, she’s suppose to work in the USA in DC! And they should have let Batman keep his black shorts, which does not look right without them. I was reading an article about of little girl who is inspired by Starfire, who she looked up to. And for what the new 52 has made startfire into, even she knows that is not startfire and ruined the character, too. Even George Perez stepped down from DC because he did not like what they were doing to the characters. Can’t say I blame them. I knew he had the heart and the common sense to realize it. And it is all thanks to Dan Didio who has a big ego and clearly does not care and those who are the true fan should at least have enough decency to have common sense to realize how bad it is and that it’s fueled by ego, which is not a good sign and a lot of these “new readers” have failed to realize that. And also in the new 52, they even killed of Harley Quinn. They even broke up our beloved Lois and Clark, DC’s legendary couple, which I found very heartbreaking!

    And for superman, they made him darker and edgier and cocky and thats not what superman is about lol And not to mention ruining the suit and taking away his traditional red shorts, to which they should not have, because not only he had it for a very long time, but it helps even out the colors and the suit looks too unbalanced. Plus they made the suit symbiotic when the suit takes over when making a quick change to superman. Are you kidding me?! Not to mention giving superman knee pads? And armor? Come on. Superman is called “the man of steel” for a reason and he doesn’t need any of those at all, that’s just ridiculous lol And simply made Superman into something he isn’t. Superman is suppose to be like, a symbol of hope like. The ultimate good guy, with positive morals and with positive values and inspiration and could capture the heart of many people around the world, that fights for truth, justice and they American way. in general, the new 52 version of superman lacks a lot of that quality compared to the real Superman and they say the new 52 Supes is as original as the one from the 1930s. Maybe so. BUT when you think about it, it was more like he was reduced to what he was before he became to what superman is famous for about all about in his persona.

    So in shorter terms, they have messed up basically everything in the DCU and those who so-called like it and thinking that this is the way the DCU should be, should be smacked because a lot of them seem to not have any conception of what the DC(with the real heroes) is really all about and it’s stands for and it’s quality and value, let alone appreciation.

    They say we’re “closed minded” and “afraid of change”. And saying some changes are good. But in this case, this is by far the most alienating, most disrespectful reboot I have ever seen and it is so messed up in so many ways, it’s not even funny. DC is just not the DCU without it’s real heroes. There are more us us true fan there than those jerks in DC thinks and a lot of them want the real DC heroes back.
    And so do I!

  2. Esther says:

    I did the survey, & found out, again, that I wasn’t the qualified age range for it. For me, there are some hits & misses in the DCnU, for one Batwoman & Batgirl which are both amazing. As for Wonder Woman, I haven’t gotten to read it, yet. As for Alan Scott, I was, actually, pleasantly surprised about that announcement, & I hope they do something positive with this GLBTQA couple, & treat them with the respect & relate-ability that I’ve seen Greg Rucka, Devin Grayson, J. H. Williams the Third, & Gail Simone have done with their respective characters, whether new or old. I totally agree that at times, the DCnU can be a gorefest. I, honestly, dropped Catwoman & Red Hood & The Outlaws for the unrealistic artwork or dialogue in it. And I totally agree, Anthony, with everything you’ve said, here. DC just isn’t the same. There are series, and characters that I would still love to see: the sequel to Cosmic Adventures Of Supergirl In 8th Grade, being one of them, Lois Lane: Girl Reporter by Dean Trippe, & Kate Beaton’s Clois are all others I’d LOVE to see happen. I don’t think the reboot was a “mistake”, I just think that some words were said that shouldn’t have been told: Linda Danvers as Supergirl not existing being one of them, Clois getting the One More Day treatment a.k.a. splitting up, being another, great comic book series that are awaiting a sequel: The Cosmic Adventures Of Supergirl In 8th Grade is just begging for one, Lois Lane: Girl Reporter by Dean Trippe, that I would have LOVED to see, & the similar Wonder Woman solo outing, & characters that shouldn’t have been benched but have been: Renee Montoya & subsequent others can be named, here. :)

  3. Anthony says:

    This one is, apparently. Like you said, DC isn’t the same.

  4. Michelle says:

    What is the “appropriate” age range for these dang surveys? They sure like to waste everyone’s time filling them out. That age range restriction galls me the most. Of course, there’s no reason to actually be honest about your age on this thing. They aren’t exactly being forthright on their end.

  5. Michelle says:

    They killed Harley Quinn?! No, wait – I really don’t want to know. Sigh.

    I do have to point out that making a character gay does not equal showing sexual acts, any more than a straight character requires the depiction of sexual acts. So there’s nothing inappropriate for kids about Alan Scott being ret-conned to being gay. I mean, kids are gay too. Nothing wrong with some kissing and romance.

    On the other hand, overdone blood and gore and creepy exploitative sexuality certainly drove me away. I agree that DC should be aiming much more of their line at kids than they do. I’m fine with explicit consensual sex in comic form (assuming a “mature content” rating on the cover), but rarely the way DC does it.

  6. Esther says:

    Agreed, you two. Yep. Agreed on what you pointed out, here, on Alan & GLBTQA characters, here, & overblown blood & gore, & downright creepy exploitative sexuality. Comics are not about that. At all. & if they are, then they’d need a new writer on the creative team roster. When it comes to the stories I read, that stuff is a definite turn-off for me, as well, because, I know that the writers & artists can do so much better with their material. The only series that I’m reading out of the whole damn DCnU is Batgirl & Batwoman & soon enough, Demon Knights & the one with Vandal Savage & her other daughter the criminal profiler, showing up. Those have great & gripping stories! And yep, good ol’ Harl has gone away. I just hope she’s back in her prebooted outfit. GOD. I just DISLIKED the newbooted one with a passion, plus, the writing. The writing…just… Honestly. I dropped it because, well, they screwed up the character to the point of no end. I’m 24. So, I can only assume it’s for anyone younger than 19, or so.

  7. Esther says:

    Forgot to add that after you type in your name in the survey, there is only a “male” or “female” category option. There isn’t any “other”, “MtF”, “FtM” category for trans and GLBTQA individuals, & to be even more specific, there aren’t any categories on sexual orientation if they wanted to be even more specific. :-/

  8. Michelle says:

    The age thing isn’t right. You’re right in the middle of their targeted demo of 18-34. Another bugged survey from Nielson/DC.

  9. Esther says:

    Yep. They REALLY need to correct that. :-/

  10. Michael says:

    I never bought any of the new 52 comics because of what has happened. And I kinda saw this comming for a long time. The stories that dc has published before the new 52 was going from bad to worse and was going to lead only one thing( although there were some good moments) dc should be ashamed of themselves.

    And I agree about the sexualiseing issue when it comes to women for the following reasons. It is very embarrassing for us guys when we read these comics, especially when in public, at home with our families and even in private because I feel like I’m reading porn. It also gives us a bad reputation when we confess to our girlfriends and a few of the other women in our lives that we read comic books. It also makes it harder for animators to use and few actresses would even wear the costume. An example is star sapphire, the costume chosen for her in both the justice league and green lantern tv series is completely different to the one in the comics and Blake lively is sceptical about the costume for any sequel that surfaces.

    As for making alan Scott gay I will have to say that it was definitely a bad move for one reason. Kyle rayner has a girlfriend who happens to be Alan Scott’s daughter jade. And this is coming from someone who isnt a green lantern fan which is another embarrassment for dc comics. I also hate how they turned superman into what some may call a “bad ass”, it takes away what was unique about the character and it alters the relationship with the other heroes. The reason the friendship with batman and superman has endured for so long was because of how different they were from their methods to their personality. This friendship showed that although there are people who are completely different to each other, they can put it aside and work together and even get along. If those two can work together what does it show the rest of us? Changing his personality destroys that legacy. There are a few good ideas that came out but unfortunately it is lost in a sea of awful ideas.

  11. Esther says:

    Just an update: Robinson killed off Alan Scott’s new beau Sam, which I was disappointed & upset to read of, because, I’m, actually, more than ok with Alan being homosexual, or even bisexual, or identifying as -sexual, for that matter, when it comes to Jade, even, in GL canon, & Danny The Street was killed off, too, sadly.

    There are some winners, though, Batwoman, Batgirl, & Smallville, which are all great. :) Totally agree with making Superman a “badass” is destroying what made him great, to begin with. It’s just not him. At all. And I refuse to believe it.

    Totally agree with the sexualizing issue, too, it’s a turn off, for me, at times, depending on the creative team, but, some like Palmiotti & Conner can make it into comic book gold, for me, like their Powergirl run. :)

  12. Michael says:

    I agree that there are winners, the new season of smallville has better stories than the mainstream universe and might lead to a better finale than the one that aired. Batgirl is ok, there are a few set backs on a few issues but it’s much better than the ones about the main character himself which had a few good ones but are outrun by stories that were the worst ones told in the entire history of batman and don’t get me started on how his rogues gallery have turned out, I hate it to death. I am a hard core batman fan and I never thought I see the day when I would prefer to read about his supporting characters than ones about the main character himself. And I just don’t recognize any of the rogues gallery at all, killer croc who was once a human with a rare skin condition is now an alien like being, black mask is now a magical mind control being and don’t get me started on HARLEY QUINN!!! They made poison ivy a member of the birds of prey. It would have been better if she had remained a villain and later turned away and try to redeem herself instead because the purpose was to attract new readers, doing that and many of the other ideas doesnt just chase away old readers but also makes it very confusing for new readers as well.

    And onto wonder woman, they had some good ideas but failed to follow through with them like making Diana feel like an outcast because she was forged from clay but by making her a demi goddess, that idea is thrown out the window. And there were so many other missed opportunities in the series. And there are so many ideas that are popping up which are so ridiculous, it’s almost like a comedy parody of itself.

    Let’s face it if they were trying to attract new readers they’ve failed. And most of the new ideas either make me cringe or laugh.

  13. Joseph says:

    My local comic shop does not carry the new 52s unless people special order them. So, I do not get the chance to look at the latest ones. However, I own the first three books of a few lines, and I dispise the way they handle Wonder Woman and Green Lantern simply on story grounds – these are not heroes. It sounds like things are only getting worse.

  14. Dennis J Miller says:

    I started reading DC comics in the mid 1970s. I’ve always been a big collector of th big 2, Batman & Superman, and also Supergirl & the different incarnations of the JSA. I don’t hink comics are that much more violent. In 1986 I think Dark Knight Returns was a tad graphic, and its a classic. Of the new 52 I collect all the Superman family titles most of the Batman titles Teen Titans & Earth2. I don’t think having Alan Scott gay hurts anything, It reflects todays world. And while I’m not thrilled with the bad ass Superman, its not that bad….at least he’s not the 90s mulletman again. But I’m honestly pleased withe the new Batman & Supergirl…I guess I’m the only one. As for theJSA as long as they bring back hourman & Stargirl I’ll be happy. Anywoo its all better than the trip Marvel is swilling as of late.

  15. Michael says:

    The only batman titles that feature batman that I can even recommend are the Scott Snyder’s run on batman, batman and robin and batman incorporated. The ones featuring his supporting characters are very good, I also want to reassure oracle fans that in case oracle was more popular they put in a fail safe to bring her back. I also want to point out what is the most ridiculous thing about the new batman stories. Apparently he adopted dick Grayson, raised him as robin, watched him grow up and become nightwing, adopted Jason Todd raise him as robin and see him die and return from the dead as the red hood, adopt Tim drake and train him as robin until he became red robin, find barbara Gordon and train her as batgirl until the unfortunate day on the killing joke and become oracle and then undergo years of therapy and come back as batgirl, meet talia al ghul and have a son Damian Wayne and have him become the next robin and set up batman incorporated across the globe in just a period of 6 years. If that ain’t confusing enough look at James Gordon jr, he looks like he’s grown pretty well for a six year old.

  16. Michelle says:

    “…and set up batman incorporated across the globe in just a period of 6 years”

    The compressed timelines in the New 52 amuse me to no end. DC continuity was more plausible in the Bronze Age!