Comics by Women

4-panel comic by Kate Beaton featuring Jane Austen

Writers, Pencillers, Inkers, Colourists:

This is just what I’ve been looking for! Periodically I think about the number of women writing superhero comics and my head explodes. Gail Simone shouldn’t have to represent us all! So I’m pumped that DC and Marvel hired writers Angela Robinson (The Web), Felicia D. Henderson (Teen Titans) and Marjorie Liu (NYX, Dark Wolverine), all women of colour. I also see that Kathryn Immonen & Sara Pichelli are taking over Runaways.

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  1. mechanicaljewel says

    Hey, I’m glad you like it! I’ve had fun doing it (though it is a lot of legwork). I have been enheartened by what I’ve found, though the female-to-male creator ratio is still pretty low.

    The hardest part, though, is probably that by going through all the solicits every week, I keep finding comics I’ve hadn’t heard of before that look REALLY good (by both men and women). It’s all I can do not to go broke every Wednesday!

    (And I just put this week’s up! )

  2. says

    Thanks for doing it! (and for the update) There were more than I previously realized!

    “It’s all I can do not to go broke every Wednesday!”

    That’s an occupational hazard I can sympathize with!