New 52 AMETHYST Relaunch

I’m really excited about the idea of an Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld relaunch this September. The creative team looks promising – the art for sure will be fantastic. The best part about the announcement for me is that the series will not be tied to larger DC Universe. That may be the most enticing thing you can say about a new DC series today. Reprinting the original series in a Showcase Presents edition and including an Amethyst short in the DC Nation block was a great way to prepare audiences for (re)introducing the character, who is so obscure that she is pretty much is a brand new character.

Her new costume is freakin’ awesome. This is a cover that screams “pick up and buy me!” Yum. I don’t think this promotional art can be the actual cover of the book, since they’re abandoning the brand-friendly “Amethyst” for the generic title “Sword of Sorcery” (groan). Hopefully DC will realize their mistake and rename the book to promote the title character – if they don’t get in hot water for thinly veiled copyright violation!

Amethyst in redesigned costume

ETA: It appears that the above cover will be the first Sword of Sorcery cover, which will actually be issue #0. Eh?? Apparently DC is publishing all its September 2012 books as issue “#0″. This includes four new titles that are being launched with a #0, which guarantees that numerous readers will miss the first issue. I don’t know why DC is trying so hard to make following their comics completely impossible.


  1. mhr_kara says

    DC Comics and their gimmicks….sigh…well,i have high hopes for this title. it’s one of the few things that DC is putting out right now that looks interesting.

  2. Mike Poteet says

    How young would the original “Amethyst” series be appropriate for, do you think? I have a 4-year-old (almost 5) daughter who loves superheroes, including Wonder Woman… but my wife and I are put off by WW’s “bathing suit,” for all the good things about the character. (When our daughter felt she had to run around the house in her swimsuit to play superhero, we got worried!) The promo art for issue # 0 of the new series looks promising – a strong heroine who isn’t unrealistically busty or skimpily dressed. Huzzah! I think I’ll be checking this title out, and I’ve heard good things about the original… so I may have to pick up that Showcase volume, too!