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Supergirl 1996 added to Comixology!

DC Comics is finally releasing the 1996 Supergirl series starring Linda Danvers on Comixology. Hurray! The first three issues were released July 1 and 3 more issues are being released every week. That’s an astonishingly fast schedule....


Preview SUPERGIRL #39

DC Comics has a preview up of the first 4 pages of Supergirl #39, and damn if Kon and Kara’s touching moment doesn’t make me tear up. Super spoilery preview pages after the cut.

Supergirl #38 (2015)

What’s Next For Supergirl After Crucible?

Have you heard the news? DC Comics has announced a massive shake-up in their books starting in June, following the two-month “Convergence” event. 25 books are continuing, 24 new books are starting, with more debuting later.

But what about Supergirl?

Convergence: Adventures of Superman interior art

Where will Supergirl be in the Convergence?

Convergence is the two-month crossover event taking over DC Comics for April and May 2015. The event will consist of a core 9-issue weekly series and 40 separate two-issue miniseries each focusing on specific characters from the different universes and timelines that existed before The New 52.

Supergirl 40 (2015) Variant

DC Comics Reimagine Famous Movie Posters

DC Comics has released the previews for its March 2015 variant covers, which are all based on classic movie posters. Included are iconic posters from famous (and some infamous) films from the Warner Bros....