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Smallville 7×13: Hero (Part 2)

I think by now everyone’s sick to death of the standard Smallville freak-of-the-week plot, so I won’t bother criticizing that here. But I was pretty pissed off they did it to Pete again. I still remember “Velocity” from Season 3 and its character assassination of the normally stand-up Pete. That was one of the few […]

Smallville 7×13: Hero (Part 1)

Original U.S. Airdate: March 13, 2008 I’m posting the first half of this tonight and the rest tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll all make sense when it’s finished =) Spoilers! Michelle Bacon Loves TV and comics, collecting pretty superhero figures, and spending hours on the internet reading media analysis and watching science vids. Is unsure about that […]