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Supergirl & Power Girl Comics Updates

The comics pages have been completely updated and revamped so that each incarnation of Supergirl and Power Girl (in DCU continuity) has a) a complete list of appearances (chronology) and b) a list of collected editions (where such exist) to make tracking down what to read as easy as possible. Cheers! Michelle Bacon IT geek […]

The Supergirl in the DC Animated Universe page has had some new content added (expanded profile, TV episode summaries) and copy rewritten.

Some new issues have been added to the Power Girl comics page, which doesn’t list every issue she’s ever appeared in (that’s what the Comic Book Database is for!), but covers what I hope are all of the relevant and/or interesting appearances for her. Issues added: Showcase: Power Girl (1978), Huntress: Dark Knight Daughter (TPB), Secret Origins #11 (1987), downloads for Power Girl (1988), Infinite Crisis, the latest JSA trades, and Justice League: Generation Lost. The page was getting so long that I decided to break it up into three distinctive “era” pages.

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