Interview with the Batgirl of the SDCC “DC New 52″ panels

DC fans asked the DC brass some tough questions at this year’s SDCC regarding their failure at diversity, and Dan Didio responded with his trademark belligerence, while certain panelists reacted with ignorance and appalling comments (like Matt Idelson, Superman editor, letting slip that he thinks Lois Lane is Superman’s “trophy wife”).

One woman in particular became famous for asking Dan Didio the questions we’ve been discussing for weeks now, questions the all-male panels and largely male audiences didn’t want her to ask – to the point of screaming at her to “sit down!” Read Sue of DCWKA’s Interview with the Batgirl of the SDCC “DC New 52″ panels. It’s marvelous.

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Cliff Chiang’s Punk Rocker Wonder Woman

I generally like Cliff Chiang’s work, but his cover for the relaunch Wonder Woman had me frowning (her face is kind of…wonky). However the piece that follows turned that frown right upside down. I would buy the punk-rock heck out of an 80s-girl-band alt-universe Wonder Woman. Chiang posts on his blog, Inspired by a late-night […]