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The Kimmy Planet reviews Supergirl


I recently came across the Superfamily reviews by vlogger Kim of The Kimmy Planet, and really enjoyed her impressions of the New 52 Supergirl trades. Check out the videos below, and subscribe for more as Kim will be reviewing Supergirl vol. #4 in the future. Supergirl Volume #1 Review Supergirl Volume #2 Review Supergirl Volume […]

Supergirl #60 Quick Thoughts

My decision to drop the book didn’t last very long :) I love the character too much, and I was extremely curious about what would happen next. Quick thoughts: I’m hoping that the bits I disliked (dialogue like “didn’t ask, don’t tell”, 2-D spoiled rich kid villains/flunkies, unsavory male POV of female characters) will disappear […]

Review: SUPERGIRL #53

After the end of the long New Krypton crossover, Supergirl #53 continues the story that Sterling Gates began setting up way back in Supergirl #34 with the introduction of the Linda Lang secret identity. I was very eager to move on from War of the Supermen, but I couldn’t imagine how Supergirl would go on after such devastation.

Review: Supergirl #51

This issue starts off really well with a tension-building scene. A group science guild children have escaped the devastating attack underway on Kandor, their teachers trying to keep them from realizing what’s happening. But these children have superpowers, and superhearing… One cute little girl removes her headgear to tell them that she can hear the people screaming :(

Review: Supergirl #50

Happy anniversary! I never thought this series would make it this far. I certainly never foresaw that by SUPERGIRL #50 I would be enjoying this series so darn much. Michelle Bacon Michelle loves comics and code. The Superfamily are her favourite comic book characters, but she’s a fan of DC, Marvel, Image and many different […]

Review: Supergirl #43

Aw, this was such a sweet story. I cried at the end ^_^ The art is amazing. Jamal Igle just keeps getting better and better! (I wish I could say something intelligent about inking, for once, but I completely lack the ability to judge that. Sorry inkers!) The colours: beautiful, soft, luminous. The pinks and […]