Author: Michelle Bacon


Supergirl First Look Screencaps

Here are screencaps for the “First Look” video. I noticed that Kara never wears her glasses when she’s at home, like Clark on Lois & Clark. It’s part of her internalized performance that helps make her look...


Melissa Benoist on Playing ‘Supergirl’

Variety has a really fun interview with Melissa Benoist on how she landed the role of Supergirl and what it’s like working on the show. Benoist was casting director David Rappaport’s first choice for...


Supergirl TV Spot Reveals New Footage

This TV spot from last night was captured and uploaded to YouTube today. I managed to download it before it was taken down by WBTV. also has a copy. Watch below for more scenes we didn’t...

Official SUPERGIRL Promo

CBS Releases Supergirl Trailer!

SPOILER WARNING: This video was released on CBS’s online channels following the marketing presentation to advertisers and will not appear on television. This is a “first look” and not a trailer for general audiences. An upfront is a summary...

Melissa Benoist Supergirl Cake

CBS Officially Picks up Supergirl!

E! Online and Variety have confirmed that Supergirl is the first series pickup by CBS for the 2015-16 season. The superhero obsession continues! Are you ready for more DC Comics goodness on your TV screen?...

Robert Gant Twitter

Robert Gant Cast as Zor-El

Some more casting news has come in under the radar. Robert Gant has been confirmed to be playing the role of Zor-El in the Supergirl pilot. I like this casting a lot.