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JLU #4 DC Universe Selfie Variant

Justice League United Cover Gallery Now Open

A new cover gallery has been opened for the 2014 Justice League United series covers. With so many variants being released for this series, it was quite a task gathering all the covers released to-date.

Hanie Mohd

Amazing Supergirl Sketch Cards from Cryptozoic

TV and comics trading cards have been making a comeback thanks to publisher Cryptozoic. Over the last two years they’ve published four different sets devoted to DC Comics, including the first of a kind...


Fanart Spotlight: Simpsons-Style Supergirl

Springfield Punx is a fan project by Dean Fraser devoted to Simpsons-style caricatures of popular characters from comics to Star Wars to Doctor Who. They’re really good! Check out the Springfield Supergirls below. Maybe...

"Supergirl/Batgirl Christmas 2013" by Mike Maihack

Merry Christmas from Batgirl and Supergirl

Mike Maihack posted this Supergirl/Batgirl holiday comic on his tumblr for Christmas and for sale in his store. Print sales are only opened for a short time, so be sure to follow Mike on twitter to catch...


Artwork Sketch & Trading Cards Collectible Figures Supergirl (2015) First Look Supergirl (1984) Smallville


Batgirl and Supergirl Halloween Comic by Mike Maihack

Mike Maihack is holding an auction for some original BATGIRL/SUPERGIRL art. “Reminder that my BATGIRL/SUPERGIRL art auction ends tomorrow. And it’s still very affordable! Even if you can’t bid, please help me spread the...


Mahmud Asrar Supergirl Commission Round-up

Supergirl fans have been very lucky in having Mahmud Asrar’s stunning artwork shape her new image in the New 52. I’ve always enjoyed the art on Supergirl under Asrar’s hand, and he has set a...