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JLU #4 DC Universe Selfie Variant

Justice League United Cover Gallery Now Open

A new cover gallery has been opened for the 2014 Justice League United series covers. With so many variants being released for this series, it was quite a task gathering all the covers released to-date.

Hanie Mohd

Amazing Supergirl Sketch Cards from Cryptozoic

TV and comics trading cards have been making a comeback thanks to publisher Cryptozoic. Over the last two years they’ve published four different sets devoted to DC Comics, including the first of a kind...


Fanart Spotlight: Simpsons-Style Supergirl

Springfield Punx is a fan project by Dean Fraser devoted to Simpsons-style caricatures of popular characters from comics to Star Wars to Doctor Who. They’re really good! Check out the Springfield Supergirls below. Maybe...

"Supergirl/Batgirl Christmas 2013" by Mike Maihack

Merry Christmas from Batgirl and Supergirl

Mike Maihack posted this Supergirl/Batgirl holiday comic on his tumblr for Christmas and for sale in his store. Print sales are only opened for a short time, so be sure to follow Mike on twitter to catch...


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