Topic: Art Appreciation

Amazing Supergirl Sketch Cards from Cryptozoic

Hanie Mohd

TV and comics trading cards have been making a comeback thanks to publisher Cryptozoic. Over the last two years they’ve published four different sets devoted to DC Comics, including the first of a kind “Women of Legend”. In addition to the character cards, one hand-drawn sketch card is randomly inserted in each box of 24 […]

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Fanart Spotlight: Simpsons-Style Supergirl


Springfield Punx is a fan project by Dean Fraser devoted to Simpsons-style caricatures of popular characters from comics to Star Wars to Doctor Who. They’re really good! Check out the Springfield Supergirls below. Maybe you’re more in the mood for some Avengers or a really awesome Spider-Woman (and Beast)? I really like that one.

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Merry Christmas from Batgirl and Supergirl


Mike Maihack has a new Batgirl/Supergirl holiday comic up on his tumblr and it’s available for purchase as a print. If you miss the print this time around, check on his tumblr around the next holiday period or just follow Mike on twitter. He posts a lot of great stuff so it’s worth it!

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