“Superman: Unbound” Trailer Screencaps

I’ve screencapped the trailer and you can now view all 131 caps in the gallery. I was delighted to see some shots that you miss while viewing the video. (I used aTube Catcher to download the MP4 from YouTube and VLC for screencapping.)

The more I watch this, the more excited I’m becoming. Kara’s look is growing on me – I like it better than in the Superman: Brainiac comic, and I’ve even gotten used to Superman’s look. Maybe they were modelling him a bit after the V.A.? I found Matt Bomer’s voice to be a distraction at first, as I couldn’t help picturing Neal Caffrey every time Superman spoke, but it’s growing on me.

A release date of May 7, 2013 has now been announced. I think I’ll be getting the blu-ray just for all the behind the scenes goodness. Here’s hoping for a good audio commentary (I may have been spoiled by the fantastic commentaries on Justice League: The New Frontier). Can’t wait!