“Superman: Unbound” — a new DC animated movie based on “Superman: Brainiac”

Nerdist has the exclusive trailer and details.

Been a while, eh? Well, good news! DC is releasing an animated version of the Superman: Brainiac storyline which heavily featured Kara and her backstory on Kandor, and helped bring Kara closer to her cousin and cemented her place as a member of the super family. I enjoyed this storyline a lot, and I’m really glad to see DC putting out animated movies of more recent (and relevant) stuff. Just wish there was more from the years following Kara’s arrival, which received the animated treatment in Superman: Apocalypse. I can’t imagine how confusing this movie will be to anyone picking it up off the shelves in their local BestBuy or – more likely – viewing it on Netflix. It’s also a pity that this is a PG-13 movie, since I believe that animated stories starring the super family should be accessible to kids as often as possible. But the Brainiac invasion as told in this version was graphically violent and traumatic, and there’s no getting around that. The rating is well earned.

Nitpicks: Some of the anatomy could be better. Kara’s wasp-waist, Clark’s strangely elongated face and overly bulked physique render the characters less attractive than I think the animators realize. This is a case where following the original artist’s character designs would have been a better choice (especially for Superman). These characters looked fantastic as drawn by Gary Frank, and following his interpretation of Superman would have been a big improvement over his design here. I’m not fond of Lois’ look either. Again – why disregard the iconic, gorgeous look Gary Frank created for her? Other nitpicks: don’t like the different shades of blue on Kara and Clark’s costume. And I’m not sure why they messed with the placement of Supergirl’s shield. Her costume was plenty differentiated from Superman’s already, no need to break with canon.

I wonder how much of the original issues will make it into the movie? The trailer looks quite epic, with some lovely character moments between Kara and Kal, and Kara and Lois. Kara played a big role in this story, with a strong emotional arc and lots of great action scenes. I’m really looking forward to seeing her playing a important part in this movie.