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Jimmy Palmiotti talks about POWER GIRL at Comics Bulletin

Power Girl just hasn’t been fun since Judd Winnick and Sami Basri took over, you know? I doubt Winnick had a choice in integrating the series with Justice League: Generation Lost, but did he have to throw her life completely down the tubes and kill all the fun wackiness?

Jimmy Palmiotti reflects on his and Amanda Conner’s creative take on the character and the series in an interview at Comics Bulletin.

The ‘Superman/Batman: Supergirl’ Movie Is Good!

I just finished watching Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, and it’s WAY better than the comics! The ending is so much better, it really surprised me. Much of the cringe-worthy dialogue and annoying moments were either cut, fixed or softened which I really appreciated. Director Lauren Montgomery did a fantastic job of improving on the source material; I’m … Continue reading The ‘Superman/Batman: Supergirl’ Movie Is Good!