Springfield Supergirl


Springfield Punx is a fan project by Dean Fraser devoted to Simpsons-style caricatures of popular characters from comics to Star Wars to Doctor Who. They’re really good! Check out the Springfield Supergirls below. Maybe you’re more in the mood for some Avengers or a really awesome Spider-Woman (and Beast)? I really like that one.

Supergirl Stars in LEGO Variant Covers

Supergirl #36 (Nov-19-2014)

DC Comics is promoting the release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham on Nov 11 with a month of LEGO variant covers in November, and Supergirl will appear as an awesome LEGO version of herself in variants for Supergirl #36 and Justice League United #6. Isn’t she adorable? I’d love to see these put out […]

The Kimmy Planet reviews Supergirl


I recently came across the Superfamily reviews by vlogger Kim of The Kimmy Planet, and really enjoyed her impressions of the New 52 Supergirl trades. Check out the videos below, and subscribe for more as Kim will be reviewing Supergirl vol. #4 in the future. Supergirl Volume #1 Review Supergirl Volume #2 Review Supergirl Volume […]