Calista Flockhart Cast as Cat Grant

Cat Grant New 52

Calista Flockhart has been cast as Kara’s boss, Cat Grant, in this fall’s Supergirl TV series. Eek. I hated Ally McBeal the show and the character. If Flockhart is supposed to be playing someone we hate, perfect casting! The casting press release describes Cat as a self-made media magnate who started her career as a […]

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Preview SUPERGIRL #39


DC Comics has a preview up of the first 4 pages of Supergirl #39, and damn if Kon and Kara’s touching moment doesn’t make me tear up. Super spoilery preview pages after the cut.

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What’s Next For Supergirl After Crucible?


Have you heard the news? DC Comics has announced a massive shake-up in their books starting in June, following the two-month “Convergence” event. 25 books are continuing, 24 new books are starting, with more debuting later.

But what about Supergirl?

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